10 Top Dancewear Tips for Beginners

10 Top Dancewear Tips for Beginners

You have just joined a dance class and are boggled by the huge range of dance wear available. Do not panic, help is here from Dancemania with these top ten tips so that you look the part and your first class is a success.

1. Dance Shoes

Different shoes are required for different types of dance. It is best if you go to a dance shop and have them fitted by a professional as ill fitting shoes can lead to bad habits or sore feet, but any shoes bought from the Dancemania website can be exchanged or returned for a full refund.

When trying on your dance shoes it is important to consider what you will be wearing them with, for example tights or socks.  It is a good idea to wear them when trying on your new shoes to make sure you get the perfect fit, so your feet feel fabulous – go on spoil them!

2. Dance Leotard

For different dance styles a range of different dance wear is worn, however leotards are generally the uniform. You should check with your dance school as they often have a colour scheme that they like you to wear. Once you have this info you can pick what style you would like at Dancemania. If your school does not have a colour scheme then simply pick your favourite or stick with the classic black as you can always jazz it up with some accessories. Just a reminder that leotards are skin tight, so are unforgiving of panty lines, bra straps and big knickers so invest in some underwear for dance, made specifically for dance for that streamline look!





3. Dance Tights/Jazz Pants

To go with your leotard you can wear a variety of options depending on what class you are in.  For Ballet pink tights are the norm which are usually thick with a seam up the back.  For dance styles as Jazz, Modern and Tap, Jazz pants can be worn over the top of your leotard.  Leggings are another option to liven up your outfit.

Dancemania has a great variety of jazz pants and leggings to suit your style. You can also stick with bare legs and wear ballet socks for both Ballet and your other dance classes, though generally just the younger children do this.

4. Dance Skirts

Over the leotard skirts or shorts can be worn either in a matching colour or black. A variety of styles are available . The normal style for ballet is a short wrap around sheer skirt.

5. Cardigans and t-shirts

Wearing a leotard for the first time can be a bit daunting but it really helps to make you feel like a dancer which helps improve your posture.  Most people wear a ballet cardigan or t-shirts over the top to begin class and warm-up.  A traditional ballet cardigan can be worn which wraps around your torso and is tied at the back.  These cardigans come in a variety of colours to match your leotard so that you look beautifully groomed ready for Ballet class.  T-shirts are also popular and dancers cut them to suit their style, especially in Jazz and Modern.  The best range is available from Dancemaina – have a peep for yourself, you will not be disappointed!




6. Dance Accessories

Legwarmers are not only flash dance fashionable but also practical as they keep your legs all snug as your warming-up.  Buy them to match your other dance garments or to jazz things up with bright colours. They come in a variety of colours and sizes so chose to suit.

A dance bag is a must for keeping all your dance things together and carrying  it to and from practice, along with a water bottle so you are kept hydrated throughout your classes.

7. Warm Ups

When going to and from dance class it is very important that you keep warm, especially after you have finished which is doubly important as your muscles have just been working hard and the last thing you want is an injury! So you may want some cover ups such as tracksuits,  jazz pants, cardigans or a hoody.

8. Hair

Hair should always be tied back for practice, except if you have been told otherwise by your teacher.  In Ballet a bun is traditional and makes you feel the part.  A bun should be neatly pulled together and pinned in place with hair toggles, hair pins, bun nets and grips – oh and not forgetting a little bit of hair spray or gel to get rid of those wispy bits that like to escape!  For other styles of dance make things interesting by having a pony-tail or bunches and by adding a scrunchie or glittery clips, you really will be the most stylish dancer on the block!



9. Jewellery

You should not wear jewellery when dancing as it can be very dangerous so it should be removed and stored safely before going in to class so that you do not loose anything precious.

10. Make up

Make up should be minimal for practice and exams and often is not allowed at all. For shows it can be much bolder and brighter depending on the theme but this is usually up to your dance teacher.

Now you have read Dancemania’s top ten tips for beginners head on down to Dancemania to get kitted out or visit Dancemania.biz from the comfort of your own home. You are now ready for dance class. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “10 Top Dancewear Tips for Beginners

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  2. Lucy Gibson

    I really like your tip about going with a black leotard and then sprucing it up with some accessories. My sister has always wanted to dance professionally. She’s never really had any formal training. She’s thinking about finally joining a class and learning some basics. I’d love to get her a fun dance leotard for her birthday.

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