All the colours of the Pineapple Rainbow

All the colours of the Pineapple Rainbow

The Pineapple Clothing is renowned for its bright colours and edgy, laid back designs.  Here at Dancemania Pineapple is one of the top sellers for us and if you were to lay out each range of Pineapple that we have ever had in, the colours would look just like a rainbow.  The question is though what has been your favorite colours and what colours would you like to see Pineapple use in the future?

What colours have Pineapple previously used?

All sing with me…..”Red and yellow and pink and green, Purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow, Sing a rainbow, Sing a rainbow too!” Ahem, excuse me for getting a bit carried away there! But I don’t know if you have noticed that almost every colour mentioned in the song has been seen in some sort of Pineapple Clothing over previous years. Recently the designers have focused round the shades of Pink, ranging from Ballet Pink, Raspberry Pink, bubblegum pink and a peachy pink.

One of my favorite colours featured was the vibrant purple which was part of the 2010 range. The purple colour was on the hoodies, trackpants, crop tees and some of the retro kit bags! Also I own a pair of the slate trackpants from the same range and the colour is fab as it goes with so many items and will stay in fashion for a long time.

Other colours that have been featured in the past is green and yellow which is unusual colours for Pineapple. I would very much like to see those colours come back! New to Dancemania we have the stunning electric blue for the newest part of the 2011 items. It is a gorgeous colour which is really striking and will be a firm favourite with Pineapple clothing fans!

I love the fact that Pineapple is becoming a little bit more experimental with their designs and colours.  For example in the new children’s and ladies range there are a few items that are completely new designs with new colours.  The Rainbow Crop Pants and Crop Tees have a brand new colour which a called ‘New Black’ which is actually an extremely dark shade of green.  Also on the logo it has been printed in a rainbow, oil effect which under the light sparkles and reflects!  I feel this is a real step up for Pineapple and it is good that they are experimenting a bit more!  

Dancemania has looked back on some of the previous ranges we have had from Pineapple to see what colours they have used!  Below are a few colours that have been used and they do differ quite dramatically.  I still hope to see the introduction of new designs and colours in the future!!


Rainbows on your feet

It is not just the Pineapple clothes that are colourful, the shoes are as dynamic and popular as ever! The Leap trainers almost make your feet glow and people’s eyes are drawn straight too them! Our customers love them so much that Pineapple has been working hard trying to think of new and attractive colour combinations for the Leap Boot style!

What colours would you like to see Pineapple use in the future?

I personally would like to see Pineapple clothing being created in really funky, eye catching colours such as Apple Green, Burnt Orange, Ash Grey, Aureolin, Army Green, Wild Strawberry etc.  Obviously these colours steer away from the typical colours of what you think of when someone says dance but Pineapple is now appealing to all different types of people, not just dancers.  What colours would you like to see?

The truth is what ever colours the Pineapple team choose for their designs, the Pineapple clothing is still made of the highest of standards and here at Dancemania we have absolutely no doubt that Pineapple will remain a top choice of many of our customers.


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