Capezio BOLT Dansneaker Great for Zumba

Capezio BOLT Dansneaker Great for Zumba

Capezio has been making dance shoes for 125 years so we were honoured when they asked us at Dancemania to review their latest dance sneaker, the Capezio BOLT Dansneaker. Capezio have made the BOLT Dansneaker with Zumba in mind and with Dancemania’s expertise in supplying dance shoes for all types of dance, particularly Zumba, Capezio decided to come to us first for an objective review of the BOLT Dansneaker.

Capezio BOLT Dansneaker

The BOLT is a Black split-sole dance sneaker with embroidered decoration in a choice of three colours: Hot Pink, Ice Blue or Black (Sorry, we don’t yet have a Black to photograph).

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The split-sole is low profile, offering a typical dance shoe rounded rather than angular tred and incorporates a “Y” shaped flex notch. Up close you can see the importance of the flex notch when you twist and bend the sole because the sole moves in three segments, which will allow the foot within the shoe to flex and make better contact with the floor than it would do if the sole was one solid lump.

The sole is made from CME, and whilst I have no idea what that is I can tell you it is extremely light, like a stiff Angel Delight and weighs only 6oz. It is non marking and features a flat platform for toe stands, which shows its pedigree as a dancer’s shoe.

The BOLT’s uppers are made from SBR (Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber) giving the shoe excellent resistance to abrasion. The SBR is perforated for ventilation and integrated with a poly mesh to resist propogation of any damage to the upper. The shoe is strategically strengthened with nappa PU, that has a soft buttery feel, and the decorative embroidery that act like ribs in a soft corset. The collar and tongue benefit from lots of padding and the laces are ‘stay tight’ poly/cotton laces.

In addition to the ample cushioning effect of the SBR heel comfort is provided by a removeable EVA footbed.

Available sizes are UK Adult size 2 to UK Adult size 12, including half sizes.

Are they great for zumba?

Yes they are!

We gave a pair to our friendly resident dancer and Zumba fitness exponent Sammy and got her to do a few moves, including the all important spin. It is a sad fact that many who do Zumba still wear sports or running trainers and frankly they are no good for dancing in. The biggest problem with trainers is they are too grippy, a single energetic spin or turn can result in a torn knee and they often do.

The BOLT sole, as you would expect, provides the right amount of grip for dancing and the spin-spot channels cut in to the sole are there to facilitate rotation. Sammy experienced no catching, dragging or slipping whilst performing in them other than when we tried them on carpet, which is where many do their Zumba – in front of a TV working out to a Zumba DVD or to Zumba on the Wii. On carpet spins are not advised but at least with Capezio’s BOLT they are possible.

Sammy found the BOLT Dansneakers to be extremely comfortable, supportive and stable and allowed the maximum amount of flexing in the foot that a dancer would require. Needless to say Sammy wants to keep them, and who can blame her!

Take a closer look at a pair of BOLTs and Sammy’s spin test in this video:

Get a pair now

The Capezio BOLT Dansneaker are not available for sale until Mid December 2011 but you can pre-order your pair AVAILABLE NOW! so be sure of getting them in time for Christmas and that New Year resolution to get your dancing shoes on, only this time your dancing shoes will be BOLT Dansneakers!


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