How Gaynor Minden pointe shoes save you time and money

How Gaynor Minden pointe shoes save you time and money

The rather sad image above of hundreds of “dead” pointe shoes is a screen shot from an excellent video made by Altin Kaftira in 2005, shot in the Freed factory in London and in the studios of the Dutch National Ballet.

The video shows the life of a pointe shoe from being made in the factory, being delivered to dancer Yumiko Takeshima who sets about the routine of breaking the shoe and to the all-too-soon moment when the shoe is cast away. (Yumiko Takeshima is a former principal dancer at the Dutch National Ballet)

This video highlights the ages-old routine of breaking the pointe shoes, in this case by bashing them against a wall, hitting them with a hammer, snapping the shank in two, and stitching on a new platform. It beggars the question “Why do dancers have to break in pointe shoes?”. Well of course the answer is “If you buy Gaynor Minden you don’t!”. Gaynor Mindens are ready to dance in as soon as you buy them!

It reminds me of a poster that is displayed in the Dancemania shop, created by Zoe, that compares the cost of Gaynor Mindens against standard pointe shoes in terms of money and time. Here is the comparison:

Standard Pointe Shoes

1) Average shoe cost: upto £48
2) Gel toe pads: £15
3) Darning cotton and needles: £6.20
4) Mesh pointe shoe bag: £4.00

PLUS Time spent darning pointe shoes and breaking in

TOTAL : Upto £73.20

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

1) Shoe cost: £78
2) Gel toe pads: Not needed
3) Darning: Not Needed
4) Pointe shoe bag: Free

Ready to go from purchase!

TOTAL : £78

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes last longer

In fact, tests* show that Gaynor Minden pointe shoes last 3-5 times longer than standard pointe shoes. So buying a pair of Gaynor Mindens could save you buying up to 5 pairs of standard pointe shoes, and that means big savings of money and more time to dance.

*Scientific study performed in American Journal of Sports Medicine (Vol. 26, No. 4)

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