How to fit Gaynor Minden toe stabilizers for ballet pointe

How to fit Gaynor Minden toe stabilizers for ballet pointe

Use Toe Stabilizers between your big toe and your second toe to alleviate pain from a bunion or a Morton’s foot (the second toe is longer than the big toe), to help stabilise the metatarsals en pointe and to help promote correct alignment of the bunion and big toe joints. They are especially helpful for dancers who have a large gap between the big and second toes.

You will need to adjust the length and the thickness of the Toe Stabilizer to fit your own unique foot.

Be certain that Toe Stabilizers are not too thick and that your big toe is properly aligned, not forced outward. If pain or irritation occur then discontinue use.

Gaynor Minden recommends that you consult a doctor knowledgeable about ballet before using this or any other pointe shoe accessory.

Step 1

Two of the Toe Stabilizer pieces have white material on both sides. They are your Base Pieces, one for each foot. The others have peel and stick backing.

Place one of the Base Pieces between your big toe and your second toe with the longest side on top. The curved edge anchors the Toe Stabilizer to your foot; it should press firmly into the space between your toes.

Step 2

Toe Stabilizers should help align the big toe joint with the bunion joint. If the Toe Stabilizer is too narrow then make it thicker by adding another layer. Always test the fit with an additional layer before removing its backing. If you are sure you need another layer then remove the backing and affix it to the Base Piece in the same orientation as the Base Piece. Check the fit; add other layers as needed.

Step 3

Toe Stabilizers should be the same length as your longest toe. Use scissors to trim as needed. If your big toe is longest then trim the Toe Stabilizer to equal its length; if your second toe is longest then trim to equal that length. Be sure your second toe is completely straight when sizing the Toe Stabilizer.

Step 4

You may wish to tape the Toe Stabilizer in place. We suggest using Gaynor Minden Toe Wrap Tape. First tape the Toe Stabilizer to your second toe, be sure to press its knuckle down so the toe remains straight while taping.

Step 5

Once you have taped the second and third toes to the Toe Stabilizer tape them to the big toe to make one stable unit.

Remember that Toe Stabilizers should always be comfortable. If yours are then you’re done!

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