How to get the most out of your dance class!

How to get the most out of your dance class!

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your dance class? Here at Dancemania, we have compiled a simple list which is applicable to many dance styles! We hope that you will find these tips useful during your weekly dance classes!


By getting to class early, you give yourself plenty time to get yourself changed into your appropriate dancewear and you would also have time to do a quick warm-up! You will also have time to chat with your fellow class mates as excessive chatting is generally discouraged within formal dance classes.


No matter what style of dance you do, it is always important to warm up before class as this not only prevents injury but also prepares you mentally for your class! A simple warm up may include:
– Jogging on the spot
– Plies
– Lunge stretches
– Leg swings
– Roll downs
– Hip circles
– Shoulder rolls
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warm up


In the dance world, corrections are by no means an insult. When given a correction it is important to acknowledge it and use it to improve your dancing for the future! Also, if you have any questions in regards to technique – it is important to ask your teacher,they will more than happy to give you an answer!


At Dancemania, we believe that when you look your best, you will dance your best. It is important that your clothing and shoes fit properly as ill fitting dancewear may become a distraction and could make you feel self concious. It is important that all dance shoes fit snug as this is important in order to avoid injury!


I would recommend taking a bottle of water with you to your dance class as it is extremely important to stay hydrated during exercise. This will not only help you in terms of stamina, but it will also improve your brain function – handy when you’re trying to remember all of those steps!


It is important to cool down after class in order to avoid pain the next day! This is also a chance to stretch in order to improve your flexibility! I would recommend using the time at the end of class to stretch your hamstrings and practise your splits as at this time of the class, your muscles will be at their loosest! During stretching, it is also important to focus on your breathing as this will help your body to relax after a hard class!


You cannot do any more than your best! Dance as well as you can at every class and you will see improvement before you know it!

Do you have any more tips? Share them below!

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