How to look & feel great for dance fitness

How to look & feel great for dance fitness

If you want to return to the dance or fitness studio after a long break but you are self-conscious about your recently acquired wobbly-bits then you may well be looking for a way of sucking it all in, smoothing it all down and holding it in place. If you are then Capezio has the answer in their shape control compression wear.

Capezio’s shape control underwear for dance

Designed with dancers in mind these garments offer control and support without restricting the parts of your body that you want to move whilst being strict on those parts you don’t want to move. Made from advanced materials each item is made without seams ensuring smooth lines. The fabric is knit with varying density in a way calculated to restrict stretching in some directions whilst allowing free stretch in others. The result is a garment that has control panels seamlessly integrated in to the weave, which offer compression, control and support.

Compression underwear

Compression base layers such as Capezio’s shape control underwear enhance performance in training, competing and recovery, and are designed to reduce the quick build up of lactic acid in the muscles, whilst keeping you comfortable and dry during exercise by wicking moisture away from your skin. Body moulded compression garments also improve recovery after periods of sustained exercise and help to regulate your body temperature. Compression base layers also help prevent muscle oscillation which leads to muscle fatigue and help to minimise muscle soreness.

That is all great, but perhaps we should also mention that:

  • Easy to wear.. no need to ask someone to pull up the back part for you.
  • Fabric breathes so no unnecessary sweating
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable compared to other shape control products
  • Seamless so no pantylines
  • Comes in Nude Colour which is always the best choice
  • Provides firm control and reduces bulges and love handles significantly
  • Gives a nice silhouette especially when wearing fitted Lycra clothes
  • Easy to wash (wash as you would your undergarments)

High Waist Shape Control Briefs

Control panels squeeze the buttocks holding them in place, control across the lower tummy pulls it in, the lack of a waistband ensures your waist isn’t squeezed out in to a muffin-top and transition straps make sure the top doesn’t roll down.

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High Waist Shape Control Legging

Similar to the High Waist Shape Control Briefs except these leggings gives you that extra squeeze around your thighs. Obvious benefits are you avoid unsightly visible panty lines in tight fitting clothing, your quads get special treatment aiding endurance and recovery and there is a total absence of seams around the crotch so no risk of painful chaffing during sweaty workouts.

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Shape Control Shorts

Ideal for limiting the amount of control you want and directing it to your hips and buttocks. Control panels support your your glutes and being shorts you avoid unsightly panty lines. These compliment Capezio’s shape control bra top.

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Shape Control Bra Top

This is a top, not a bra, so there are no clasps or hooks you just pull it on over your head. Being tight this top holds things close to your chest and strong control ribbing helps to prevent boob bounce.

Great for keeping things cool and for wearing under close fitting tops where you don’t want your underwear to show through.

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Shape Control Camisole Top

This camisole top supports and controls your trunk, smoothing your lines whilst wicking away moisture thereby keeping you dry for longer during intensive workouts.

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Not going to lie, compression layers take a bit of getting used to, but they get the job done. Not to mention, they don’t move – they will stay where you put them, which is important if you plan on dancing.

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