How to make your clothes stay put with body adhesive

How to make your clothes stay put with body adhesive

Have you ever wanted a product that can keep your dress in place, keep those socks up without falling down or even something to apply body jewels with?! Well here is an item which will make anyone jump for joy……Staysput is an invisible hypoallergenic water washable body adhesive!  Yes here at Dancemania we are really excited about this item and cannot wait for all our customers to try it for themselves!

How does body adhesive work?

Staysput is an invisible hypoallergenic water washable adhesive which is designed to be comfortable and stays flexible to move with your skin.  What ever item you would like to attach to your skin, using the roll-on action of the Stayput roller ball, the item will “stay put” as you move about.  When you want to remove the item, simply peel it off and wash the area with soap and water.  The Stayput gel will wash completely away without leaving any damage to the item or your skin. Needs no scrubbing to remove and Staysput body glue is designed to wash off with cold water.

What can you use body adhesive for?

Staysput is suitable for a wide range of applications!  The possiblities are endless of what you can use this wonderful product for!  Below are a few suggestions…..

Pharmaceutical/medical adhesive

Holds breast prosthetics in place. Prevents surgical stockings slipping. Ideal for anti-embolism support hosiery to prevent DVT on long haul flights.

Dance, Stage & Theatre adhesive

Stops dancing socks slipping, holds warm up socks onto Lycra, sticks body jewellery, diamante and glitter.
Ideal for gymnastics and Irish Dancing also.

Fashion adhesive

Prevents dress straps slipping. Use Staysput for strapless bras and open fronted dresses. Choose how much or how little YOU want to reveal. No need for hold ups or suspenders for silk stockings. Stops nylon tights sagging.

Sports adhesive

Stops heavy duty socks and shin pads from slipping. Prevent joggers nipple. Staysput can even stop spectacles from slipping.

Here at Dancemania we are selling the Staysput product in two sizes, you can either choose a 10ml or a 50ml bottle.  This product works so well it even has a huge celebrity fan base and it could be the answer to everyones prayers, when it comes to keeping those clothes, dance wear and sports wear in place!  So get rid of that frustration and get yourself a bottle of Staysput, as it does exactly what it says on the bottle… stays put!

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