How to make your pointe shoes a perfect fit

How to make your pointe shoes a perfect fit

Sore toes do not make you a better dancer so it is important to make your pointe shoes fit as perfectly as is possible. To help you get the perfect fit Gaynor Minden have their Totally Toes Fitting Kit, which is packed full of high tech aids designed to protect your feet in your pointe shoes.

Here are some common problems with solutions provided by the Totally Toes Fitting Kit.

What to do if there is too much pressure on your big toe or big toe nail

First check the fit of your shoe. Be sure you can pinch ¼ inch at the top of the heel en pointe. If you cannot then the shoe is too short. If the shoe is not too short then try one of the following solutions:

Use a Dynamic Box Liner

If the shoe is not too short then your foot is sliding too easily into the box. This can put pressure on the toes both en pointe and standing flat. Perfect the fit by inserting a Dynamic Box Liner. These may be worn with or without other cushions.

Use a Cool Blue Oval

You can also cushion your big toe by placing the Cool Blue Oval on the interior surface of the platform. Place it in the center. Or to protect the sensitive outer corner of your big toe place it slightly off-centre.

Use a Mushroom Micro-Pad

To protect the top of your big toenail position the cushion on the interior surface of the platform so that it curves up and around the top of your toe. Cool Blue Ovals and Mushrooms may be used together or separately.

What to do if your second toe is longer than your big toe

If this is you then you have found that en pointe all your weight is being supported by your second toe, not your big toe, and that is painful. So try one of these solutions:

Cool Blue Crescent

Place the Cool Blur Crescent in the box so it lies along the crease at the point where the inside meets the top of the box.

Cool Blue Oval Modified

If your second toe is significantly longer than your big toe use the Cool Blue Oval to extend the length of your big toe and take the pressure off your second toe. Cut the Cool Blue Oval in half to create tow pieces. Stack one on top of the other, sticky side against fuzzy side, so you have one piece about ¾” x ¾” x ¼”. Place the combined cushions directly on the tip of your big toe, with the adhesive next to your skin. Tape in place with Gaynor Minden Toe Wrap micro-foam tape or sports tape.

How to make your pointe shoes look neater

If the shoe does not look sleek and snug then you can enhance the fit with a Dynamic Box Liner. Dancers with very narrow or compressible feet might need two.

What to do if you have a blister

If you have a sore or a blister, modify the Cool Blue Oval or Mushroom and turn it into a “doughnut”. Cut a hole in the centre of the cushion just a little bigger than the sore spot. Tape the cushion in place so that it surrounds and protects the tender area.

How to keep pointe shoes on the heel of your foot

To keep the heel of the pointe shoe on the heel of your foot then try Gaynor Minden’s Heel Grippers. If a whole heel gripper makes the shoe too tight then cut it in half and place the halves on either side of the heel tape inside the shoe, away from your Achilles’ tendon.

If you suffer with misaligned toes, or there are big gaps between your toes leading to toes being forced to one side then take a look at “How to fit Gaynor Minden toe stabilizers“.

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