How to measure for a Twirling Baton

How to measure for a Twirling Baton

Have you ever been impressed with Baton Twirlers and want to have a go for yourself?  Well firstly you are going to need to get the correct sized baton for you.  Many of our customers get stuck on how to determine the size of baton they need for Twirling Batons and so we at Dancemania are going show you how to measure for a baton.

Measuring for your Twirling Baton

There are many ways of measuring for a baton and each have their merits, but in consultation with teams and clubs in the UK and North America Dancemania presents the following methods. Which method you use is down to you and your coach to decide, but Dancemania recommends the second method as it provides a longer baton, which typically are easier to twirl.

Here are the steps for the preferred method of measuring for a baton (you will need someone to take the measurements):

Step 1

When being measured, make sure you are standing tall and straight, with one arm extended out to the side parallel to the floor.

Step 2

Measure the length in inches from the base of your neck to the end of the longest fingertip.

Step 3

If the measurement is to nearest half an inch, then order the size rounded up. e.g. if arm length is 24 1/2″ then order a 25″ baton.

Step 4

Choose the type of baton and Colour you would like.

Dancemania stocks a range of sizes ranging from 16” to 31”.  If you are unable to measure the person then here is some rough estimates for selecting the best twirling baton length, based on your age:

  • Age 1-4 – 18 inches (45 cms)
  • Age 5-7 – 20 inches (51 cms)
  • Age 8-10 – 22 inches (56 cms)
  • Age 11-12 – 24 inches (61 cms)
  • Age 13-14 – 26 inches (66 cms)
  • Age 15+ – 28 inches (71 cms)

What type of Batons do Dancemania have?

As you can see we offer a wide range of Twirling Batons, which will all take your fancy!


If you prefer the simple style of the training baton or you what to jazz it up with one our stunning show batons then you have come to the right place.  Our dance batons are ideal as trainer batons & practice batons. Perfect for the budding young twirlers starting out! They are available with white tips or one of our wicked colour choices. The baton shafts are available in a silver, red, blue, green, bronze, purple or gold finish. These coloured batons undergo specialized anodising & will not scratch under ‘normal’ baton use.

We also sell replacement Ball and Tip sets that again come in an array of colours and styles.  All ball and tips are manufactured from quality dead drop material giving these batons a total quality engineered look and feel, where the shaft is straight to 0.2 mm over a distance of 1 metre.

We also supply the beautiful ribbon batons which are of the highest of quality.  The ribbon comes in a colour that matches the colour you choose for the shaft. The ribbon is 5m long and 4cm wide and is weighted close to the baton tip and at the other end to ensure it flies as you want it to help prevent tangles. The ribbon is attached to the baton by a multi-pivot made of tough metal that will not let you down mid performance.

Baton Bags

Looking after your baton is a huge factor.  Dancemania has a selection of baton bags which are designed to keep your Twirling Batons together, safe, and scuff free keeping your baton looking neat and clean ready for those competitions!  We have a choice of two colours pink and black and two sizes, small and large.  Our baton bags come with handles, a strong, durable shoulder strap and full length zipper.

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