How to revive your ballet class

How to revive your ballet class

Whether you are being taught ballet or are indeed the ballet teacher you may sense that your lessons don’t flow right, or don’t have much energy. If this is the case then you may not be exercising to the right music. This is certainly the case if there are long gaps between exercises as the next appropriate track is sought on the CD or mp3 player.

Inspirational Ballet Music

What you need is an inspirational play-list of recognisable and enjoyable songs that has been composed by an experienced dance accompanist in such a way as to dictate a logical progression through ballet exercises from warm-up to Pirouettes and beyond.

David Plumpton is a one of the foremost dance accompanists in the UK and he has compiled three CDs of such music specifically for ballet class:
Modern Melodies; West End to Broadway; New Classics

Music selected and arranged specifically for ballet exercises

With all tracks played on the piano by David himself each CD starts with warm-up tunes and progresses naturally through a traditional set of ballet class exercises. David has carefully chosen each song for a specific exercise and the song is matched perfectly to the tempo of that exercise.

This allows the teacher to concentrate on being a ballet teacher and not a DJ.

Exercise to songs that you love ..or at least know

Ballet is very traditional and it is very easy to get stuck with “traditional” ballet music in class. But whilst this music facilitates the teaching of movement if played to tedium it suffocates imagination and spirit, in short everyone gets fed-up with it.

David Plumpton has chosen tunes that are instantly recognisable by most people, some of them from unexpected sources including TV adverts and cartoons but that adds to the fun.

The West End to Broadway CD unsurprisingly contains tunes from the big hit theatre shows such as Wicked and We will Rock but the spectrum of tracks included is very broad indeed with songs from shows of many decades, but all are well known and instantly recognisable.

Modern Melodies is a CD of tunes gathered from such disparate sources as TV ads, Harry Potter films, US sitcoms, 70s disco, British TV comedy shows, Disney and Oscar winning Hollywood blockbusters but each and every track works perfectly with the ballet exercise in a fun and entertaining way.

For a more traditional soundtrack the New Classics CD offers a fresher gathering of classical tunes than ballet classes are familiar with.

Have a look at the play-list of each CD by following the links above.

Do your class a favour and buy these discs

At only £11 each these CDs are offered at an exceptional price as elsewhere lesser compilation discs cost almost twice as much.

If you are a ballet teacher then treat your class to something new and different. If you are learning ballet then these cds make the perfect present for ballet teachers so buy them for yours and everyone will thank you.


World Wide Delivery

Buy from Dancemania and we deliver World Wide – shipping is calculated at checkout before you commit so that you can see how much it will cost.

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