How to stay cool at summer dance classes!

How to stay cool at summer dance classes!

The weather has been hot hot hot in the UK recently! This is perfect for days at the beach or relaxing in the garden, however it can make dance classes almost unbearable if you are not dressed appropriately! Here are our top tips and clothing picks for dancing during the summer!

What top shall I wear!?

Pineapple really know how to design dance clothing for the summer! They offer everything from crop tops to cool vests in many eye catching colours. I would recommend wearing a crop top with “built in” support so that you don’t need to wear too many layers! However, if you don’t feel comfortable with showing your mid section – there are many other vests which will allow your skin to breathe without restricting your movement. Here are some of our favourites:

Double script bra top by Pineapple


A fantastic crop top by Pineapple. It offers support whilst looking fashionable. Matching cropped leggings are also available. If you’re feeling confident, you could wear this on it’s own or even layered under your favourite t shirt or vest for extra support.

Satin bra top by Pineapple


Another classic bra top by Pineapple! Looks smart whilst staying cool and stylish! Wear alone or under clothing for extra support! Matching hotpants are available.

Block V vest top by Pineapple


If you do not like to show too much skin, this top is fantastic for you! It looks sporty yet feminine and is sure to keep you cool during classes! Matching leggings are also available.

Stamp double layer top by Pineapple

Stamp DBL top-ye

Available in both yellow and pink, this vest features a funky layered effect along with a classic Pineapple stamp logo! Wear with simple black hotpants or leggings for a smart yet cool look!

What bottoms should I wear?

In terms of your bottom half, I would recommend wearing hotpants, leggings, or cropped trousers as this would allow your skin to breathe! Many of Pineapple’s clothing has matching bottoms and tops so be sure to keep an eye out for matching outfit combinations for a stylish dance look! Here are some of our favourite dance bottoms for the summer:

Block crop leggings by Pineapple


These crop leggings are sure to keep you cool without restricting your movement. They would look fab with either the matching crop top or vest that was featured earlier! This classic style would be suitable for a wide range of dance styles or even for the gym!

Stretch stamp crop pants by Pineapple

Stretch stamp crop pant-f

A Twist on Pineapple’s classic black crop pants. These charcoal pants feature a sunny yellow band for a pop of colour! These will keep you cool and would look fantastic with the matching vest top!

Double hot pants by Pineapple


Another twist on a classic piece. These hotpants feature the same shape and fit as Pineapple’s famous classic hotpant although they feature a simple yet effective satin waist band for a pop of colour! These shorts would look great with most dance clothes!

Classic crop pants by Pineapple


Pineapple’s classic crop pants. Available in black and charcoal, these crop pants will suit all body shapes and are very flattering. They feature a simple white Pineapple logo and will look great with anything! A dancewear staple.

What should I wear on my feet!?

This is a tricky question! Most dance styles have certain types of footwear that must be worn in able to do the steps properly! However, when possible you cannot argue that bare-foot is always the best! For Jazz and Modern classes, you are more likely to be allowed to wear bare-feet and I would recommend wearing a foot thong as this will allow you to dance without sticking to the floor!

Capezio Footundeez™


These are possibly our best selling foot thongs. They are designed to move with the foot without restricting movement. The grip is designed to allow you to turn when you want to but grip when you need it! A dancer’s essential.


Water is essential during exercise, particularly during the summer! Your dance teacher should allow you to have a water break during class, so when you have a drink – be sure to do it in style! Here are just some of the water bottles that we sell here at Dancemania:

Pink Dancer Heart Drinks Bottle


A cute, feminine bottle that will add some fun to your water break!

Thirst for Dance Drinks Bottle


A more unisex style which is suitable for everyone! A very reasonable price for fantastic quality!

I hope that some of these tips have helped you out during the summer months! What do you wear when it’s hot in the studio? Leave your tips below!

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