Just who has the X Factor?

Just who has the X Factor?

We have all seen it and thousands are addicted…..yes its the nations favourite weekend show ‘The X Factor’. The X Factor is a British television singing competition contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions, which started in September 2004. Now in its seventh series it is as popular as ever and has no intention of dying out just yet. We here at Dancemania have been following X Factor from week to week and all have our favourites. Who is yours?

If I am brutally honest I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the show for many reasons and have somehow managed to avoid getting the ‘X Factor bug’ the entire period it has been on but I may have just contracted a bit this year as I find myself catching up on ‘Virgin Media catch up’ and on YouTube to see the performances if I have missed it.  What is happening to me? Ahhhhh!  I think it maybe because this year the finalists are all different to each other in many ways and the performances have grown with great dancers, effects and good themes.  Also I think there has a been great deal of controversy surrounding this years show which pulls in viewers right away! So X Factor I think you may have won my heart this year!

Public Auditions

To kick off the show and to find those finalists, every contestant must go through the Public Audition stage where you get to meet all different, weird and wonderful characters from all over the UK, and this year did not fail to deliver on that front!

One particular act that stood out and will remain in the X Factor audition hall of fame is Abbey Johnston and Lisa Parker’s rendition of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believeing’ and Shayne Ward’s ‘That’s my goal’ which recieved the comment; “the worst audition in history” from Simon Cowell.  Shortly after, Abby slagged off the beautiful Natalie Imbruglia with the words; “Who are you?”,  Lisa then gave Abby a whooping great punch in the head!  It was a golden TV moment, but I can asure you both the girls were unharmed physically but their friendship is now in tatters! Oops!

Another contestant we met  was the diverse diva ‘Chloe Mafia’ which has previously been seen on BBC 3’s programme ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid’ where she had a make-over but obviously that didn’t last long and she was back gracing our screens showing us who she really is, maybe showing us a bit too much?  Chloe got as far as ‘Boot Camp’ but her dreams were squashed as she didn’t get through to the judges house. Since she has been on X Factor she has fallen victim to some nasty rumors which isn’t nice for anyone, but on the positive side she was given another make over by ‘Now’ Magazine and I must say she is looking fab and I hope she stays like that!

The Finalists and some gossip…

The Public Auditions also brought us the fab finalists that are racing to win that X Factor title, such as Cher Lloyd who is very talented, edgy and proved to us on the Halloween show that she is not just a ‘one trick pony’ with her haunted version of ‘Stay’by Shakespeare Sister where we got to hear that she can really sing!  Cher has also come under some criticism with insiders claiming she is a ‘Bully’ and throwing tantrums backstage.  Whether that is true or not it is clear that she is so driven and maybe that comes out in the wrong way.  I have to say her unusual facial expressions while she sings didn’t quite catch my attention in the right way to begin with, but throughout the live shows she continues to entertain us and put on a brilliant show and that is what it is all about.  I think Cher will go far and Good luck to her from all of us at Dancemania!

Have you seen how fierce and fabulous this years dancer’s are?  Well if it was’nt for them some of the peformances would look rather dull.  Each show they burst onto stage with so much energy and sparkle and really help bring the acts alive!

The latest controversy is that the public are deeming the show ‘a fix’!  This is from last weeks results show where the final two were Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohan.  Now I feel that this all comes down to personal taste which artist should of gone through, but people were outraged when Cheryl Cole wouldn’t vote.  To be fair if I was Cheryl I wouldn’t want to vote either, if both my acts I had cared for were facing being cut from the programme.  I know it is part of her job but it must of been a horrible position to be in and would be a decision that no one would like to make.  In the end Katie was the chosen one from the judges to continue her X Factor journey, let’s just hope she can bounce back next week with that energy we have seen her with previously.  Also Treyc Cohan is obviously very talented and I reckon it wont be long before we hear her singing on the radio!

So who is your favourite that is left in the competition?

Team Simon: Groups

One Direction – Fresh faced boy band which has been made out of solo contestants! Young girls around the country are loving them but will they do Simon proud and make the final?

Team Cheryl: Girls

Cher Lloyd – Funky and Fierce Cher is in it for the long hall. Some negative comments from Simon last week, will she be able to win him back next week?

Rebecca Ferguson – Shy but stunning Liverpool lass with a soulful voice. Simon Cowell said she was ‘World class’ but will it be enough to win the show?

Katie Waissel – Quirky, fun and a bit of drama queen. Judges love her style but has she got what it takes to make it?

Team Danii: Boys

Aiden Grimshaw – You can hear a pin drop when he sings with his haunting, unusual but intense style. But will he have enough diversity to take him to the top?

Matt Cardle – He is the bookies favourite to win and has won the nations heart. Watch this space to see if continues to be in top spot!

Paije Richardson – Cheeky, charming and full of life, Paije has individuality and a great voice!

Team Louie: Over 28’s

Wagner Carrilho – Louis says he may not be the best singer but is the most entertaining! Is that going to last in a singing competition though?

Mary Byrne – Mary has star quality and is the lady with the big voice! Let’s see if this voice can take her to the top!

So what is your verdict?

So who will it be to take the X Factor crown for 2010? At this present time it could be possibly any of the finalists so wishing them all the very best!!


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