Keep your feet warm and your pointe shoes clean

Keep your feet warm and your pointe shoes clean

You know what it’s like, you spend an age putting on your pointe shoes getting the ribbon to look and feel just right then you have to hang around waiting for the previous class to vacate the barres. Meanwhile you’re walking around getting your shoes dirty and your ankles are getting chilled. What you need are Cozy paws!

Cozy Paws

These cute, soft, plush fabric over-socks from Gaynor Minden are sure to warm-up feet and ankles in even the coldest of dance studios. Ideally worn over your pointe shoes they will keep them clean and fresh, ready for the big reveal at the barre. Machine washable they are a lot easier to clean then your shoes!

Finished with elasticised openings and witty non-slip sole designs you can even wear them over your bare feet, but be sure to order the appropriate size, which start at XS so even the littlest wild ones will feel cozy. Made from 100% Polyester Polar Fleece they come in 5 wild designs:

Black Panther Cozy Paws

Black panther cozy paws from Gaynor Minden Made from Black fleece and brown non-slip paw pads stalk the herd and pounce with stealth for the killer look. Available in sizes S, M, L.

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Pink Panther Cozy Paws

Gaynor Minden Pink Panther Cozy Paws As classy as the eponymous diamond they are named after these Pink Panther print warmers are sure to turn heads. The smallest of dancers can enjoy them too as they start from size XS and go up to size L.

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Dalmation Cozy Paws

Dalmation Cozy Paws from Gaynor Minden Cruella de Vil please take note: not made from real puppies!

Get spotted (lol!) during warm-up and keep your ankles and feet toasty in these lovely Dalmation print Cozy Paws. Looking for a reason to wear these? I’m sure there are over 101 reasons why you should. Available in sizes S, M, L.

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Zebra Cozy Paws

Gaynor Minden Zebra Cozy Paws Stand out from the herd and leave nothing but hoof prints with these witty Zebra print over-socks. These come in XS for little ones to join in. Also available in S, M, L.

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Tiger Feet Cozy Paws

Tiger Feet Cozy Paws from Gaynor Minden Quoting from my favourite Mud song: “And that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, I really love your tiger feet” …and who wouldn’t love these Tiger feet. Wear these and be the alpha predator picking off the weak one by one. No need to be stealthy as nothing can resist your dominatng power…and there’s no danger of slipping either.

Available in sizes S, M, L. Buy Now

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