Male Ballet Clothes from Roch Valley

Male Ballet Clothes from Roch Valley

After many years making high quality, value for money dancewear for woman and girls Roch Valley are now making ballet uniforms for boys and men. This season’s Roch Valley catalogue includes a fabulous range of ballet clothes in child and adult sizes that meet the strict requirements of ballet examination boards such as The Royal Academy of Dance.

Roch Valley

Roch Valley is the premier maker of dancewear in the UK, with the majority of their products designed, sourced and made within the UK. By keeping manufacturing local, and working closely with British dancers and resellers like Dancemania, Roch Valley are able to ensure that their products are not only fit for purpose but satisfy the needs of even the most exacting dancer.

Ballet clothes for men

Roch Valley have invested a huge amount of effort into getting their ballet clothes for men right. The results are leotards and tights that have been correctly designed with men in mind. Specifically, leotards feature a re-designed wider gusset and lower leg lines, in addition to wider shoulder straps and sleeve and shoulder widths that fit a fully grown man.

Take a closer look at the model to the left: he is 6’1″ tall and is comfortably wearing size 5 leotard and tights. The neckline and body length is cut perfectly for his size.

Ballet clothes for boys

The boy in this picture is wearing the same style leotard as the man above but his leotard is not just a smaller version of the adult leotard, its proportions have been adjusted so that the fit is right for a child. The gusset, shoulder widths, sleeves, neckline and body length are measured specifically for a boy.

The result is when you dress your boy for ballet you can be sure that his Roch Valley ballet uniform is going to fit well and look great in ballet class.

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