My favourite Sheldon Cooper quotes

My favourite Sheldon Cooper quotes

Working with dancewear, dance shoes and gymnastics clothing every day as I do you’d think that my hero would be a dancer, performer or gymnast, but he is none of these. Whilst I do admire dancers, performers and gymnasts immensely for their talent and dedication to their form my hero is known for his enormous intellect and even bigger ego. My hero is Physicist Dr Sheldon Cooper from the fabulous TV series The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon is infamous for his quick retorts to interaction with humans – they are clever, incisive and always mostly delivered devoid of consideration to the feelings of others.

I have gathered a very small selection of my favourite Sheldon Cooper quotes here to share with you.

Engineers: the oompa loompas of science

I particularly like this observation because I am a qualified scientist and my wife is an engineer, so I could never get away with saying this – not even sure I’m allowed to think it!

Sheldon Cooper has supervillain potential

Isn’t it strange how many supervillains have advanced qualifications in science? – Professor Moriarty, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Hurt etc. You’d think that Universities would look out for that when awarding places on science courses!

Sheldon Cooper is always right

…well, Sheldon Cooper always thinks he’s right!

Sheldon Cooper has a solution for everything

This one is very close to my own heart. When I first heard this I instantly thought of someone close to me. I’m not saying who, but you know who you are mum!

Sheldon the brave

Sometimes Sheldon says what the rest of us think, but daren’t say out loud. Josie who works in the dispatch office at Dancemania when not at Uni is a Geology undergrad, so I know what geologists are capable of. All I can say is Sheldon did well to surivive his death by paintball at the hands of geologists by making this statement because I know at least one that would have clubbed him to death with her rock pick for saying it!

Sheldon Cooper and Red Dwarf

The Big Bang Theory is truely the hub of all things great! In the season 5 episode The Friendship Contraction we discovered that Sheldon has a boxed set of Red Dwarf, containing all 61 episodes, thereby proving without doubt that Sheldon Cooper has great taste in televison viewing.

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