New Dance fitness shoes arriving in 2012

New Dance fitness shoes arriving in 2012

The secret to good dance sneakers & shoes for Zumba is the sole. We all know how awful sports trainers are for dancing in as they grip too much and rip your muscles and tendons in the process. Dance shoes on the other hand have been designed with dance movement in mind and are consequently far better for Zumba. But even dance sneakers have their short comings as their soles are typically made from one homogenous lump of man-made compound, which will perform well on most floor surfaces but not all. It’s not the fault of the shoe, it is simply that the chemists making the sole compound had to tune it to be a ‘jack of all trades’ in respect to floor surfaces as they can’t control where the shoe will eventually be worn.

Bloch may well have an answer to this short coming with the 2012 release of their new Dance Fitness Sneakers, which incorporate innovative modular soles. The thinking is that where a single compound sole can be a ‘jack of all trades’ a modular sole composed of many compounds could well be a ‘master of them all’.

Dance fitness sneakers by Bloch

This is Bloch’s first sneaker specifically designed for dance fitness but they are a leading innovator in dance shoes. Any of you that have worn the Bloch 538 Boost DRT Dance Sneaker will already know how great their shoes are for Zumba, so these new sneakers are going to be rather special.

Bloch claim that with this technically superior lightweight sole these revolutionary sneakers will offer optimum ability to execute the full range of movements needed in dance fitness, even for those with little or no dance experience.

Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair to test.

Bloch’s innovative sole

The lightweight multi-layered sole provides bounce and shock absorption for jumps. A combination of high-tech materials offers optimum support and flexibility in a full sole shoe.

The key to this sneakers success could well be the way that the smooth, less grippy spin spot is surrounded by more grippy pads that will allow control of spins and slides through braking.

The spin spot

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High density smooth spin spot assists in free movement related to spinning and sliding.

Pads surrounding the spin spot give balance and control.

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Outer side of sole acts as a brake when sliding. The grip offers stability in neutral positions as well as quick foot movements.

What the shoes will look like

As this is a new line of fitness sneakers the innovative sole will be incorporated in a collection of different shoe designs, which you can view below:

Lightening S0924

Apex S0920

Traverse S0922

Apex Mid S0921

Traverse Mid S0923

What do you think? Is there a style that has caught your eye? Please give us your thoughts on these sneakers and if you have any questions then let us know. We will be getting some in as soon as we can so that we can do an objective review, so watch this space.

[UPDATE: We have now had our hands on these lovely sneakers so read our post “A first glimpse of Bloch’s Dance Fitness sneakers for Zumba“.]

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