Pineapple Dance Studios on Sky One

Pineapple Dance Studios on Sky One

We can’t believe how much Dance is dominating our television screens at the moment, and we love it! So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent and Pineapple Dance Studios to name just a few, there’s something for everyone!!

Here at Dancemania we love all things dance, and having so much material available for dancer lovers to see and be inspired by couldn’t make us much happier!!

Today the Dancemania blog would like to bring your attention to The Pineapple Dance Studios series on Sky One (Sundays at 6pm!). If you’ve not seen it, and love dance, get watching!!! We can’t take our eyes off the screen when it comes on! The tagline for the series says it all… Pineapple Dance Studios: Where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous!

Pineapple Dance Studios is a highly exclusive fly-on-the-wall documentary series, (shot in the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios) that brings the most outrageous pirouetting, pouting and bitching to your tv screens, from Sky1.
Here at Dancemania we just can’t get enough of the fabulousness that Pineapple Dance Studios has brought into our lives! Pineapple Dance Studios very own outrageous Artistic Director, Louie Spence is the Pineapple guide and the programmes host, and he is our hero, his famous quotes crack us up! Here’s a few of our favourites below!

“Still got it – you never lose it.”

“Start at the top and work our way down, that’s the way I always do it!”

“Like a rash darling, I spread myself everywhere.”

We love the passion and talent that oozes from this addictive and amazing show TV show, all involved clearly have a deep routed love of Dance (and glamour, of course!!) Getting to see some of the world’s best dancers, dance teachers and choreographers, in action, at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios in Camden, London is just about the best thing we can think to watch on a Sunday! We’d watch it every day if we could!!

We are not only spreading our love of Pineapple Dance Studios on our blog, we stock a vast range of their clothing on our website, check it out using the following link – Here you can get the best dancewear, from the best dance show on television, for amazing prices, everything about it is FABULOUS, as our hero Louie Spence would say!

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