Pineapple shoes, you've gotta luv 'em

Pineapple shoes, you've gotta luv 'em

When you first see a pair of Pineapple shoes there is no mistaking that they are Pineapple.  The design is brand rich and carries all the iconic Pineapple design so evident in the fashionable Pineapple dancewear. Here is the story behind Pineapple’s shoes.


Pineapple started life in 1979 as a Dance studio in Covent Garden, London and was foundered by English supermodel Debbie Moore. The studios were located in an old pineapple warehouse and so the name stuck.

In the 1980’s Pineapple launched it’s own clothing brand styled on the popular dance fashion of the period – think Fame, sweat shirts and legwarmers and you’ll get the genre.

These days Pineapple’s styling not only appeals to dancers, but also to young women who want to look good in casual, flirty, trend setting street wear. Pineapple’s doctrine is “The Pineapple spirit has a dancer’s attitude and is urban sexy with effortless style, timeless appeal and that all important element of fun.” – who am I to argue with that!

Eventually, in 2007, the plan was hatched for Pineapple to put it’s name to a range of street shoes that complimented the already hugely popular and World renowned Pineapple clothing range. The range was launched and appealed not only to dancers but to a wider range and more diverse group of fashion conscious wearers.

Pineapple Shoes

So the shoes hit the streets and don’t they look great?

Each year Pineapple shoes embrace the en vogue fashion styles, but the shoes always look 100% pineapple.

So what makes a shoe a Pineapple shoe?

It’s all in the branding. Like McDonalds’ golden arches the Pineapple look is distinct as it is subtle. The choice of colours, the appearance of the iconic Pineapple love heart, and of course the World famous signature pineapple logo. All these symbols of Pineapple appear in some form or other in the cut of the fabric, embossed in the sole or as a detachable diamante encrusted pendant.

It is this smorgasbord of Pineapple branding that puts their shoes apart from the rest.

Pineapple at Dancemania

Over the years women have bought with confidence from the Dancemania website and have been delighted by the huge range held in stock and next day delivery that brings. People often change their mind and it is for this reason that Dancemania provide a no quibble returns policy that means if you buy something and you need to exchange it for a different size, different colour or it was a case of “what was  I thinking” (an unlikely event with Pineapple of course) then you can either exchange or get a refund, no problem.

This year Dancemania has been able to share the Pineapple experience with younger ladies, girls that is, for Pineapple now comes in child sizes and as with the women’s clothing Dancemania holds in stock all colours and sizes of the children’s range of Pineapple clothing and Pineapple shoes.

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