The Dancemania Media Studio

The Dancemania Media Studio

In this age of 24 hour TV programming and On-Demand News it is vital to respond quickly. That is why, at Dancemania, we have our very own media studio. This means that we get great photos and video of new products the second they are available and get them uploaded onto our website so our customers can get to see them first! It also means that we can give you sneak-peaks of products that have yet to be released – like when Capezio sent us a pre-release pair of their fabulous Bolt sneakers and the first samples of the great new Bloch range of dance fitness sneakers. As soon as we see them, we whisk them into our media studio, get some great photos and get them in front of your computer screen!

Purpose built facilities

Before we moved into our current building it was decided that a purpose built media studio had to be constructed to meet the expectations of our customers with regard to product presentation and promotion.

Important features of the Dancemania media studio are that it is sound proof and light proof. Sound proofing is imperative since it is based within the busy warehouse and distribution centre and we don’t want background noise being picked up by the sensitive radio microphones that we use for our video recording. Also we want to shut out all the ambient light so that we can control the lighting levels during videoing and photography; to that end all the internal walls have been covered with light absorbing black felt.

The studio is equipped with constant illumination lighting mounted on a gantry and on moveable tripods. This high frequency lighting is ideal for video recording and photography and provides a virtual daylight source that is wonderfully controllable. There is plenty of traditional flash tube lighting available but we find the constant studio lighting meets all our requirements and is less intimidating to inexperienced models than flash lighting can be.

The studio comes with various back drops that can be changed very quickly, for instance during a photo shoot we may want a white paper backdrop but later on we may change it to be a dark fabric backdrop for a video – it’s a dream place to work if you enjoy photography!

Away from the main set we have a photo-table for photographing small items such as bags and shoes. The table surface curves towards the vertical so that there is no visible join between the table top and the back wall and this makes photo editing a lot easier and quicker. To give a 360 degree view of an item the table can be fitted with an adjustable speed turntable, so the subject can rotate in shot. As with the main set the table has selectable backdrop coverings.

We can only be as good as the material we have to work with

…so lucky for us that our suppliers provide us with the very best products to work with and that our models are so talented.

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