Top 10 benefits of Gymnastics

Top 10 benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a very popular sport and is a fantastic way of getting active, keeping fit and having fun at the same time!  If you are thinking of taking up gymnastics Dancemania has put together the top ten things you will benefit from gymnastics…..

1. Gain Strength and Power

If you are looking to build on your physical strength and power then gymnastics is the perfect solution.  Gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes across the sport genres and require a good amount of upper body strength as well as just in the legs.

2. Good Flexibility

Throughout your gymnastic training your flexibility will be one of the main aspects that is worked on.  To be a good gymnast it is very important that you have good flexibility and strength to support you throughout your moves.  Over a period of time if you practise, you will notice that your flexibility will get better and better.

3. Improve on your coordination

Like any sport, coordination is probably one of the most important skills to have and it is very much so with Gymnastics.  By practising gymnastics regularly your coordination will improve and so will your balancing skills! Gymnasts do well with both static and dynamic balance and learn early to fall without injury.

4. Learn a range of movements

Whilst you are in gymnastic training your glossary of movements and techincal positions will grow within time.  You will be able to recognise the names of movements and will be able to carry them out without having to be shown what they are.  As you improve you will start to learn more challenging movements which will test you in all areas, physically, mentally and emotionally.

5. Learn to Listen

Listening to your instructor is extremely important within Gymnastics, as it teaches you to pay attention and for safety reasons also.  As you gain more experience within Gymnastics, you will start to use a range of different apparatus, which when used without proper supervision can be very dangerous.  Your instructor has got the experience and knowledge to safely coach you on these objects, so listening to them and concentrating at all times is a must!  Listening and paying attention is also a great skill to have throughout your life and you will be noticed for having a good work ethic.

6. Learn to set goals

Setting goals for yourself is a great way to monitor your progress and achievements.  If you challenge yourself once and while, when you reach that goal you will feel truly amazing and fulfilled.  Gymnastics is the perfect way of giving yourself a challenge and will physically and mentally benefit you in your future.

7.  Gain Self Esteem

Self esteem is what makes you feel good and it is having that belief in yourself.   As mentioned earlier, achieving the goals you have previously set you will gain a huge rush of self esteem which will make you feel good and confident.  Good self esteem for humans is hugely important, as it effects all areas of our lives.  Feeling good about yourself will rub off on the people around you and with those positive vibes you will know that you can do and achieve anything.  Gymnastics could be the very device to boost your self esteem!

8. Skills which will benefit other sports

Skills that you learn in one sport usually overlap into other sports and Gymnastics does purely that.  The coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and good attitude that you will gain from gymnastics will definitely benefit you when you are playing other sports.

9. Social Interaction

Whilst belonging to a club or playing any sport you will become involved in social interaction which again is a very important need for humans.  To feel like we belong to something and to interact with others is the process of making us feel complete.  Social interaction will help build friendships and long lasting relationships.  Gymnastics helps bring people together and is great way to practise team building, encouragement amongst a group and having a good support line.

10. Having fun!

If you are looking to have some fun and to get active at the same time, then gymnastics is a great way to do so.  Doing any activity should be fun and if you are not enjoying yourself it really isn’t worth doing anymore.  Life is for living and filling your free time with something you love will keep you happy and healthy.  Getting into gymnastics will keep you fit, will encourage you to achieve set goals, will make you feel part of a team and will teach you life skills.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 benefits of Gymnastics

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  2. Finley Moreira

    Aside from all the physical benefits that gymnastics brings, I like how you pointed out that it can help you set and meet goals. I feel like this would be a huge benefit to my daughter since goal setting will benefit her future like you mention. If enrolling her in gymnastics serves the dual purpose of conditioning her body and mind, then I think it would be a great investment to make.

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