Top 10 uses for a twirling baton

Top 10 uses for a twirling baton

Have you ever thought about how versatile the humble twirling baton is? Well that’s a thought that occupied my mind recently. Whilst recovering from a painful shoulder condition there are a number of specific movement exercises to be performed a couple of times a day. This can become a bit of a chore and not the most exciting part of the day! In order to make the exercises a bit more memorable here are some entertaining ways to alleviate the tedious repetitiveness!

Hug and Swoon

One exercise involves hugging a doorway but it doesn’t really cuddle back! One of the most involved exercises is to act like a female character in a clichéd 19th Century drama and putting my hand to my brow whilst swooning! A great chance to put some emotion into it!

Use the Force

But my favourite set of exercises are the resistance ones (which, in this case is not futile!). For these I required something for my bad arm to hold onto whilst my good arm applies pressure. I looked around for a suitable length of stick – wooden spoon is too short; broom is too long (and too bristly!). Then my search yielded the perfect tool for the task – my trusty old twirling baton!!! It is the perfect length to fit between my arms, weighted on one side to provide extra leverage and it is lightweight so won’t add an extra burden to my stretches.

Now why I still have my twirling baton is beyond me! I haven’t used it for performing for many more years than I care to remember but, like most people, I hold a great sentiment for the times when I did dance regularly and to get rid of my baton is too much of an emotional tear. Luckily it has turned out to be the perfect tool for this job but it got me thinking about other ways of using my twirling baton – yes, I do have a lot of time to let my mind wander to such things whilst performing the many exercises!

10 Uses for a Twirling Baton

So here are my top 10 things to do with a twirling baton:

  1. Changing channels on a very, very, very old TV!
  2. Become the Christmas Fairy with a magical wand!
  3. Clearing cobwebs out of dusty corners.
  4. Sticking it down a jumper sleeve to pretend to have a tiny arm to entertain small children
  5. Providing resistance for shoulder exercises!
  6. Try out your Harry Potter spells, all together now – “Expelliarmus!”
  7. Pretend to be a helicopter with only a single rotor
  8. A crutch for an Ewok!
  9. Scratching an itch halfway down your back – oh soooooooo useful!
  10. Twirl it!

Anybody have anything they want to add to the list?

In the meantime be sure to get the right baton for you by reading our advice “How to measure for a twirling baton”.

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