What boys and girls can wear for trampolining

What boys and girls can wear for trampolining

The long school summer holiday is a great time to introduce children to trampolining, and there is usually a summer class at your local sports centre. We all know that trampolining, or rebounding, is a great form of exercise, burning 68% more calories than jogging, but the best thing is you don’t have to be an Olympic champion to have fantastic fun on a trampoline.

Once you have decided to put your child in to a trampolining class perhaps the biggest single question you have when enrolling your child is “what should they wear?” Let us advise you:

What all children should wear for trampolining

For safety reasons it is important that children wear either trampoline socks or trampoline shoes. At Dancemania we have a range of footwear made specifically for trampolining all held in stock. Not only will they provide protection from abrasion and getting toes caught in the mat webbing but they will also offer some cushioning, which is particularly welcome when crashing on to the springs or frame.

What girls can wear for trampolining

Until you are sure she is going to stick with it she can wear T-shirt and shorts but must wear socks. Read our article on why you need to wear socks or special trampoline shoes on a trampoline. If she has long hair then make sure she ties it back and note that JEWELLERY MUST NOT BE WORN.

Once you are sure she is hooked, and she will be, it is worth investing in some specialist clothing like a gymnastics leotard and some gymnastics shorts.

The benefit of a gymnastics leotard is that it is made of super stretchy fabric that won’t constrict movement whilst hugging the body, unlike a T-shirt that will ride up and fly-around during flight.

There are many styles of gymnastics leotard:

and for those on a budget

To tie back long hair buy a scrunchie that has been made out of the same fabric as the leotard.

The leading brands of gymnastics leotards always make scrunchies that match their leotards, and they are available to buy when you buy the leotard.

Leotards by themselves are fine, in fact for competitions and shows it is usual that girls do not wear shorts over their leotard, but for class she will find it far more comfortable to wear shorts.

Specialist gymnastics shorts are made of the same fabric as leotards so will stretch and hug well. Also their seams are soft and so will not dig and mark the skin thereby becoming a major annoyance.

What boys can wear for trampolining

Like the girls when he first starts trampolining he can wear shorts with a T-shirt and some thick ankle socks. Once he becomes keen on trampolining he will want to wear specialist gymnastics clothing.

For trampolining boys wear a mens leotard (sometimes called a singlet or compression shirt) and either men’s gymnastics shorts over the top or more usually stirrup pants.

Boy’s gymnastics leotards can be either sleeveless or short sleeved and are ideal for gymnastics and trampolining because they hug the body without restricting movement due to their two-way stretch fabric.

Unlike girl’s shorts the boy’s shorts are loose and not made of the same body hugging fabric that the leotards are made from.

Stirrup pants cover all of the leg and have an elasticated waistband with drawstring to keep them up and they have a stirrup that goes under the feet that anchors the bottom of the pants to the feet.

Stirrup pants look very smart and help accentuate his routine.

What else they should take to trampolining class

A drinks bottle is essential as trampolining is very strenuous and will lead to sweating, so to avoid dehydration your child must keep drinking water throughout their session.

A multi-compartment gear bag is the best holdall to carry belongings in as wet items such as a towel after a shower can be put in a compartment separate from the rest of the bag so other items don’t get wet. Sweaty items, smelly socks or grubby shoes can also be isolated from fresh clothing.

Personalised shorts

Why not get gymnastics shorts personalised with your name spelled out in diamante crystals?

It’s a great way of identifying both the shorts and the wearer, and as they spin through the air the diamantes catch the light and sparkle.

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