What do the Gaynor Minden pointe shoe bag colours mean?

What do the Gaynor Minden pointe shoe bag colours mean?

I’m sure you’ve seen them, stacks of vibrantly coloured bags brightening up the dance shop, green, yellow, pink, blue and on rare occasions purple, but what do they mean? Quite simply the bag colour tells you how stiff the shank is for the pointe shoes contained within.

The Gaynor Minden shank comes in 5 levels of stiffness: Hard, Extraflex, Supple, Featherflex and Pianissimo and you can tell at a glance what stiffness the shank is for a pair of Gaynor Mindens by the colour of the drawstring bag they are in.

Gaynor Minden Green Bag

Gaynor Minden green bagThe green bag contains pointe shoes with a Hard shank.

To give you an idea of what they would feel like compared to normal pointe shoes the Gaynor Minden hard shank is comparable to brand new pointe shoes

Gaynor Minden Yellow Bag

Gaynor Minden yellow bagThe yellow bag is for Gaynor Mindens with an Extraflex shank.

The Gaynor Minden extraflex shank is comparable to slightly worn pointe shoes.

Gaynor Minden Pink Bag

Gaynor Minden rose pink bagThe Pink bag, or to be correct the rose coloured bag, contains pointe shoes with a Supple shank.

The Gaynor Minden supple shank pointe shoe is comparable to broken in pointe shoes.

Gaynor Minden Blue Bag

Gaynor Minden turquoise blue bagThe blue bag, which is actually turquoise, is for pointe shoes with a Featherflex shank.

The Gaynor Minden featherflex shank is comparable to pointe shoes that are wearing out.

Gaynor Minden Purple Bag

Gaynor Minden lavender purple bagThe purple or lavender bag contains shoes which have a Pianissimo shank.

The Gaynor Minden pianissimo shank is comparable to pointe shoes that are worn out, and are worn by only a select few so are not that common in your local dance shop.

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