What is a boys gymnastics kit?

What is a boys gymnastics kit?

The London 2012 Olympics was a fantastic celebration of achievement through dedication and the competitors have inspired not just one generation, but all generations from children to grandparents. The attributes of skill, strength and speed were nowhere better demonstrated than in the gymnastics competitions, where gymnasts offered mutual respect and admiration for their fellow gymnasts no matter which country they represented. In this way, irrespective of who won the medals, the sport of gymnastics will always be the winner.

If you are in any doubt what it means to be a gymnast competing at the highest level then take a look at the face of Louis Smith during the men’s gymnastics qualification during the London 2012 Olympic Games:

If you are the parent of a boy who wishes to emulate the successes of the likes of Louis Smith, the TeamGB mens gymnastics captain, then you will need to equip him for the gymnasium. Here is what he will need:

Boys Gymnastics Leotard

Boys wear leotards for gymnastics, although they are sometimes referred to as compression vests or singlets.

Made of Nylon/Lycra gymnastics leotards are designed to stretch in all directions whilst their elasticity ensures a tight, neat fit.

The most famous brand names are all available from Dancemania, including The Zone and Milano.

If at this time you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new gymnastics leotard then the cheapest boys gymnastics leotard is the Z119 from The Zone. It is good quality, available in all sizes from 5 years old to large adult and comes in a choice of 5 colours.

From £14.95

Boys Gymnastics Shorts

Boys must wear shorts over their leotards. Wearing shorts over a leotard makes for a pleasing look. If boys wore shirts instead of leotards then shirt tails would inevitably pop out over the back of shorts and this would be met with disapproval from the coach and would be a constant distraction to the wearer.

Gym shorts are also made of Nylon/Lycra but are not as stretchy. There is a large choice of colours and fabric finish for shorts so it is advisable to buy the shorts from the same manufacturer as the leotard. That way you can ensure colours match.

The cheapest gymnastic shorts are the Z121 from The Zone, and are available in 6 colours that match perfectly the Z119 Leotard.

From £11.95

Boys Gymnastics Stirrups

Stirrup pants are stretchy, light and when it is cold will keep the muscles in the legs nice and warm. Being stirrups they will not ride up the leg, which is ideal for a gymnast because he doesn’t want clothing moving around during a tricky routine.

Not only do stirrup pants provide warmth but they serve the important duty of protecting the legs from friction injury on apparatus such as the pommel and trampoline, both of which can cause abrasion.

The cheapest boys stirrup pants for gymnastics are the Z120 from The Zone.

From £21.95

Boys Gymnastics Shoes

Whilst learning their skills your boy will undoubtedly train in bare feet. As they become bigger, faster and stronger their coach may suggest your boy wears gymnastics shoes to protect from impact and abrasion injury.

The world leader in gymnastics shoes is IWA, who make a range of shoes and socks for all aspects of gymnastics from floor to trampoline.

The cheapest gymnastics shoe is the IWA 164.

From £9.95

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