What Is So Great About Bamboo Clothing?

What Is So Great About Bamboo Clothing?

Dancemania is very excited to introduce this very special new range of clothing from Gaynor Minden: the USA manufacturer behind the most advanced pointe shoe in the world.

But, as you would expect from this innovative company renowned for its quality products, this is no ordinary clothing line. There is something very special about the fabric that is used in these luscious garments. It is actually made from bamboo!  (Well, technically it is 50% Rayon from Bamboo, 47% Nylon and 3% Spandex to be precise but we will just call it Bamboo Clothing for short!)

Bamboo clothing is wonderful! It is incredibly soft and stretchy, has excellent wicking and thermal properties, it can be machine washed and still keep its shape AND it is environmentally friendly. It is the new wonder fabric!

Besides the fact that this new crop top, shorts and leggings look gorgeous and come in 3 fabulous colours there are plenty of other reasons why you really should be wearing Bamboo Clothing.

Reasons to Wear Bamboo Clothes

  1. They are so soft!  The fabric feels luxuriously silky yet it is robust enough to stand up to the demands of the activities of the gym and the dance studio
  2. They are so comfortable. The soft ribbing of the clothes is very flattering to all figures
  3. They keep their shape. The clothes are all very stretchy but they will keep their shape after repeated wear and wash and will not get baggy or lose their elasticity
  4. They keep you dry.  Fabric made from bamboo has incredible wicking properties: any perspiration is pulled away from your body by the fabric to evaporate away – much more effective than cotton or traditional rayon
  5. They keep you warm (or cool).  The fabric is great at maintaining body temperature, keeping you warm when your are cold but being breathable to allow you to cool down when you’re working hard
  6. They are machine washable.  Even though the clothing feels silky they are machine washable and will retain their shape well
  7. Bamboo is hypoallergenic
  8. Bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal
  9. Bamboo is a sustainable resource with an environmentally friendly growing and harvesting cycle
  10. Bamboo is grown without pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers or chemicals and requires only natural rainfall not mass irrigation


What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is actually a grass – just the same as your garden. But just imagine if your garden lawn grew at a rate of up to 1 metre (39in) per day reaching a potential height of 30 metres (98ft)!!

There are many different varieties of bamboo and it grows naturally in many different parts of the world, though it is mostly prevalent in Asia. It is one of the most abundant plants in the world.

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile resource: it is used to make furniture, chopsticks,  paper, as a building material and for scaffolding. It is also edible, and not just by pandas, but don’t worry as there is more than enough bamboo to ensure no panda will go hungry!

Last, but not least bamboo can be used to make fabric. Technically the fabric is called “Rayon from Bamboo”, not to be confused with traditional Rayon which is a semi-synthetic fabric made from wood.

The Last Word

To paraphrase a rather popular commercial….

This is no ordinary clothing line; this is a super soft, super wicking, eco friendly, thermal regulating, panda friendly, super comfy clothing line!


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  2. Shoes

    Bamboo clothing is found to be a great comfort wear for the dancers as they are soft and flexible fitting all kind of shapes. Other factor as mentioned above is these are anti- bacterial and anti-fungal. It is found that people wearing bamboo dresses have experienced a comfortable dancing session.

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