What is the code for my Gaynor Mindens?

What is the code for my Gaynor Mindens?

Gaynor Minden make only one style of pointe shoe, but it comes in 2953 different fitting variations so you can be sure of getting a good fit for your feet. Each of those 2953 variants has a unique code identifying it so that when you get fitted for your Gaynor Minden pointe shoes the ones that fit your feet best will have a code that you can refer to when the time comes to reorder.

Where can I find the code for my Gaynor Mindens

The code for your Gaynor Mindens appears on the back of the label attached to the bag that your Gaynor Mindens came in. For the shoes in this photo the code is 10M/4-121-33.

Also, the code appears inside your shoe. Here the code is expressed slightly differently to the code that appeared on the label, in this case the code is 10M 4-121-33 with the “/” missing, but that’s not a problem because either is a valid way of expressing the code.





Now that you know the code for your Gaynor Mindens you can order a new pair from Dancemania by simply entering the code. We will then ensure that you are sent the same shoes that you are replacing and you know they will fit exactly as they should.

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3 thoughts on “What is the code for my Gaynor Mindens?

  1. Pingback: Where can I buy Gaynor Minden pointe shoes in the UK?

    1. Dancemania Post author

      Hello Frie, there are other buying options for Gaynor Mindens (for example Extraflex GMs) but you will need to know shoe length, vamp, heel, width and box size. The only way to know which Gaynor Minden shoe is right for you is to get fitted at a Gaynor Minden store. Please use the GM store locator to find which is closest to you. Once you have been fitted the store will be able to give you the code of your ideal GM shoe.

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