What is the right thing to wear under your gymnastics leotard?

What is the right thing to wear under your gymnastics leotard?

…right away I must state “not what the girl in the picture above is wearing!”. It constantly amazes me how little care and attention some gymnasts give to the way they look, and it amazes me more that coaches let them take to the floor or apparatus in the state they do because judges will deduct points if your underwear is visible. Good quality gymnastics leotards may cost a lot but are well worth the investment, but that investment is for nothing if you wear inappropriate underwear that gets you a points deduction.

Don’t wear underwear!

It can be difficult to conceal underwear beneath your leotard and, to avoid a points deduction for an inadvertent flash of underwear, many gymnasts go without while competing.

This is not so bad as swimmers don’t wear any underwear and a leotard is very similar to a swim suit in respect to cut and style. (Did you know that many synchronized swimming teams wear gymnastics leotards in their competitions because they are more “glitzy” than available swim suits?)

If you feel uncomfortable going without, there are some tricks and tips that can help you keep your underwear from showing.

Beware!: If you do plan on not wearing any underwear do remember that some Lycra fabrics are very thin and, especially under bright competition lights, can be see-through.

Wear high-cut panties!

If you choose to wear underwear for modesty’s sake or for your own comfort then do remember that leotards are cut high at the hips, so don’t wear low cut panties as they will show.

Be sure to wear high cut panties; our dance thong is ideal as it will not be visible if the leotard rides up during your routine because it is high cut and does not cover the buttocks. This underwear is also not likely to show visible pantie lines beneath your leotard. Additionally, the dance thong is flesh coloured, light weight and very comfortable to wear.

Wear the right bra

Wear a Dance comfort fit bra as the straps are clear so will not show at the top of your leotard, and there are no ribs or seams to show through your leotard or to dig in to your ribs during floor work. If your leotard has a low or keyhole back then wear Capezio’s bra with clear back and shoulder straps.

Keep it all where it belongs!

Use butt glue to keep your leotard and underwear in place. Butt glue is a body adhesive that was originally used in beauty pageants to keep the swim suits from riding up. Gymnasts also use this product to hold their leotards in place. Apply the adhesive to your skin and press the edge of the leotard onto the adhesive.

The dreaded camel toe

There is now a device that gymnasts can use to avoid getting a camel toe – it is called the SmoothGroove and it can be bought from here.

The SmoothGroove comes in Black, White and Clear (we recommend clear for gym leos) and even though they stay in place very well by themselves they do come with optional Velcro pads to make doubly sure that it stays in place during your routine.

Here is what we recommend you wear with your gymnastics leotard

Skin tone dance thong. Buy now >>>


Comfort fit bra with clear straps. Buy now >>>

Capezio bra with clear back strap. Buy now >>>

Staysput body adhesive (Butt glue). Buy now >>>

At all costs please avoid flashing your pants!

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