What to Wear for ISTD Ballet Classes

What to Wear for ISTD Ballet Classes

The guidelines for the uniform for ISTD Ballet is a little more relaxed then say RAD but there is still a strict uniform for exam work.  As you progress up through the grades you will find that the style of Ballet leotard that you need will change but it also depends on what your dancing teacher also would like you to wear. Below are a few guidelines from us here at Dancemania to help you with what you may need.

Female Exam Wear

ISTD Regulation Leotards

Class Examinations Pre Prim/Prim/Standard 1
& Primary Grade
Sky blue or plum leotard with ruche, matching circular chiffon skirt

Class Examinations Standard 2/3/4
& Grades 1/2/3/4
Sky blue or plum leotard with ruche worn with a belt

Class Examination 5/6 & Grades 5 /6 /Inter F/ Inter/Adv 1/Adv 2
Black camisole top leotard with single thin straps (no velvet tops, halter necks or criss cross straps)

Higher Standards 7/8
A suitable leotard with matching longer chiffon skirt

Lower Grades/Class examinations
Pink ballet socks or pink tights.

Pre-Primary & Primary
Pink Ballet socks

All other Grades/Class examinations/VGE
Pink tights

Grades & Class Examinations
Pink soft ballet shoes with ribbons (except Pre-Primary who are permitted to have elastics on their shoes)

Inter Foundation & Intermediate
Pink soft ballet shoes or soft blocked shoes with ribbons
Adv 1 & 2
Pink soft blocked ballet shoes with ribbons
Grade 6 and VGE Pointe work sections – Pink Pointe shoes with ribbons






Male Exam Wear

Boys White leotard, navy or black shorts

Boys White leotard with black tights

Boys White leotard and black tights or black unitard. A leather belt should be worn to support the tights. (Fold tights over belt)

White socks worn over tights, black or white ballet shoes with white elastic










Girls Leotards: http://www.dancemania.biz/istd-regulation-leotards/

Boys Leotards: http://www.dancemania.biz/mens-dance-clothing/

Ballet Shoes: http://www.dancemania.biz/leather-satin-canvas-ballet-shoes/

Ballet Socks and Tights: http://www.dancemania.biz/ballet-socks-and-tights/


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      Thanks Christina for the feedback.

      You’re right, the choice of images used in this post to demonstrate ISTD uniform are far from best. But the right colours and separate skirts are all stocked and available from our website now.

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