What you should know when buying Gaynor Minden pointe shoes

What you should know when buying Gaynor Minden pointe shoes

When you choose Gaynor Minden pointe shoes you are in good company, as they are worn by some of the World’s most exceptional dancers from over 200 major dance companies. Gaynor Mindens were invented by a dancer and are made from modern materials, so they last 3 to 5 times longer, are quieter and will maintain the fit that you get when you try them on for the first time.

How are Gaynor Mindens different?

The inside of an old-fashioned pointe shoe is typically made from cardboard, burlap, canvas, leather and glue. That’s why it breaks in and wears out the way it does. The inside of a Gaynor Minden is made from a special elastomer; the sound-and-impact-absorbing linings are made from high-tech Poron® urethane foam. These materials do not break in, stretch, or break down. Therefore, the fitting is more precise, the wear is better and the care and handling is different.

Gaynor Mindens do not stretch

Be sure your shoes are not too tight. Unlike conventional shoes Gaynor Mindens will not stretch significantly, so it is very important you get the correct length. A ¼ inch pinch at the top of the heel when on pointe is correct.

Gaynor Mindens do not soften

Be sure your Gaynor Mindens are not too stiff. Unlike conventional shoes they will not soften. You should be delighted with the flexibility, the demi-pointe, and the roll-through when the shoes are brand new because they will not change. Do not soak them in water, alcohol or other liquid. Do not hammer, bash or “crack” them. Old-fashioned methods of softening shoes do not work on Gaynor Mindens and will only mar their appearance.

Any shoe that is too stiff can do the work that your own muscles should be doing. But whereas conventional shoes soften with use, Gaynor Mindens retain their initial stiffness. Most dancers are best served by our Supple and ExtraFlex shanks. Very few dancers really need our Hard shank.

The Toe Box

Like the shank the box will not soften or deform. You need not reinforce it with hardeners, they will not extend the life of the shoe and could damage the soft cushions inside. Do not use floor wax or any other hardener, and never heat these shoes in an oven.

The Platform

The Platform is pre-stitched and requires no darning or cutting. Never remove the satin from the tip, this will ruin the platform. Your platforms will last longer if you minimise your use of rosin. For even greater durability pre-sewn suede platforms (toe caps) have been fitted.

Be comfortable

Be sure to fit your Gaynor Mindens with whatever cushioning you intent to wear, but there is no need for bulky toe pads or lambs wool. Your shoes will fit precisely with the Dynamic Box Liners™ and Micropads™ from Gaynor Minden’s Totally Toes™ fitting kit. We also recommend Toe Wraps™ elastic foam tape instead of ordinary toe tape.

To hold shoes securely on the feet use Heel Grippers. All of the above as well as English ribbon, 1” elastic, invisible elastic, vamp elastic and toe stabilizers are available from us.

There is a Gaynor Minden for your feet

A Gaynor Minden can be any one of 2953 different pointe shoes. You can select not just length and width. You have several stiffness choices (all colour coded), 3 box choices, 2 vamp choices and 3 heel choices, including the Sleekfit for dancers with narrow heels. All are available without a special order.

Gaynor Minden bag colours explained

The Gaynor Minden shank comes in 5 levels of stiffness: Hard, Extraflex, Supple, Featherflex and Pianissimo. You can tell at a glance what stiff a pair of Gaynor Mindens are by the colour of the drawstring bag they are in:

  • Hard shank comes in a Green bag and is comparable to brand new pointe shoes
  • Extraflex shank comes in a Yellow bag and is comparable to slightly worn pointe shoes
  • Supple shank comes in a Rose bag and is comparable to broken in pointe shoes
  • Featherflex shank comes in a Turquoise bag and is comparable to pointe shoes that are wearing out
  • Pianissimo shank comes in a Lavender bag and is comparable to pointe shoes that are worn out


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