Who wears Gaynor Minden pointe shoes

Who wears Gaynor Minden pointe shoes

In 1993 Gaynor Minden introduced the World of ballet to their revolutionary pointe shoe. Since then tens of thousands of dancers have voted with their feet and chosen to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes – once you’ve had your own pair of Gaynor Mindens you will understand why. Amongst this growing number of Gaynor Minden wearers are some of the finest dancers on the Planet, working with the most outstanding companies in the World. We would like to introduce you to some of them and let you know what they have to say about their favourite pointe shoe.

Alina Cojocaru

“In Gaynor Mindens I am free to take my dancing to my highest possible level, because I never worry about consistency, durability, comfort, or quietness. I cannot imagine going back to a traditional pointe shoe.”

Principal Dancer, The Royal Ballet

photo by Susanne Bjerg

Laura Bösenberg

“Gaynor Mindens have changed my dancing for the better! They are so consistent, and it really helps when I can concentrate on the steps and not worry about if my shoes will last or not! I always KNOW they will. No more shoe stress!”

Principal Dancer, Cape Town City Ballet

Photo of Laura Bösenberg as Juliet in The Cape Town City Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet by Greg Lumley

Kristi Boone

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes give my feet the support and shape that I never found in any other shoe. They withstand my rigorous rehearsals and challenging performances. Rather than worrying if my shoes are getting too soft, I can fully enjoy the movement and emotion of the ballet I’m performing.”

Soloist, American Ballet Theatre

Photos by Eduardo Patino, NYC

Karin Ellis-Wentz

“I love the ease of Gaynor Mindens. There is no banging, hardening with shellac, or crushing in doors required! It’s just sew and go. The time and energy saved preparing your shoes can be applied to your dancing instead.”

Corps de Ballet, American Ballet Theatre

Photo by Rosalie O’Connor

Aria Alekzander

“Gaynor Mindens are amazing! I know I can always depend on my pointe shoes whatever the steps, stages, and costumes may be. Gaynor Mindens are comfortable and consistent, you can’t find those qualities in any other brand.”

Corps de Ballet, Houston Ballet

Photo by Eduardo Patino, NYC

Tara Birtwhistle

“I have been wearing Gaynor Mindens for almost three years: I am thrilled with the results. Amazing as it sounds, they have changed how I dance and have certainly lessened the pain I had in my feet and ankles. A godsend!”

Principal Dancer, Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Photo by Bruce Monk

Erica Cornejo

“Ballet has always been hard but Gaynor Minden makes it easier. I love them – they don’t make any noise when I jump, and I can use the same pair many times because they last longer.”

Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet

Luisa Diaz

“Since the day I tried Gaynor Mindens – after trying almost every other pointe shoe on the market – I have worn no others.”

Principal Dancer, Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Photo by William DuPont

Elena Glurdjidze

“To feel comfortable during a performance is very important. They are soft, flat and light; they fit your foot perfectly and they are not noisy. You can put on a new pair and go straight on stage. I don’t have to spend an hour preparing my shoes. Since I bought my first pair I have not been able to wear anything else.”

Senior Principal Dancer, English National Ballet

Photo by Daria Klimentova

Nadezhda Gonchar

“Beauty, Lightness, and Comfort – this is Gaynor Minden. Try them once, and you will never take them off.”

Soloist, The Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

Photo by V. Baranovsky

Yekaterina Kondaurova

“It is very important for a ballerina that nothing disturbs her while she’s fulfilling her role in the ballet. Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are made for dancing the best roles; they are created for the creative work. I wear them for everything. They help me especially in ballets with extreme choreography: I don’t have to think how to jump, or how to spin and still stay on my foot while moving the center off balance. Most important is that Gaynor Minden shoes make my feet more pliable and expressive – alive and speaking.”

First Soloist, The Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

Photos by Neff

Claudia Mota

“Incredible! I like to go onstage with no concerns — Gaynor Mindens give me total security. They give complete stability for my balances and turns and don’t make any sound. And Gaynor Mindens are beautiful on my feet!”

Principal Dancer, Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

Photos by Henrique Pontual ©2008

Olesia Novikova

“There are no better shoes than Gaynor Minden to dance Romantic roles! Gaynor Mindens are so light and quiet that it makes dancing smoothly and giving the impression of gliding across the stage, easy.”

First Soloist, The Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

Photo by Neff

Evgenia Obraztsova

“I love how they make jumping so light, so effortless and so quiet, and how they make balancing easy (which I especially appreciate for the Rose Adagio). I adore them!”

First Soloist, The Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

Photo by Neff

Natalia Osipova

“It is wonderful to dance all day with comfortable feet, and to have that extra ease in balancing. What I especially love about Gaynor Mindens is no noise! I am free to jump with as much power and brilliance as I possibly can because I know my landings will be soft and delicate.”

Leading Soloist, Bolshoi Ballet

Photos by Marc Haegeman

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2 thoughts on “Who wears Gaynor Minden pointe shoes

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  2. Shannon Morgan

    After YEARS of trying to find the perfect pointe shoe – I have, and it is Gaynor Minden! I have tried Grishko, Russian Pointe, Bloch, Sansha, Suffolk, all in many models, but there was always an issue – heels don’t stay on, too painful/stress on joints that will lead to serious injury, too tight, not snug enough (bagging), narrow box with no tapered heel or tapered heel that is still falling off and the worst part: Just when they are feeling good with tons of added accessories to fit, they’re DEAD.

    I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying every brand of traditional paste shoes that offers a narrow option, and settling for a fit which negatively affected performance and comfort until I was properly fitted with Gaynor Mindens. I have been “professionally fitted” numerous times, but what seemed good at the store turned out to be all wrong with actual dance use.

    The reviews I have seen saying Gaynors didn’t fit, obviously didn’t get the right fit! There is a special way to fit a highly customizable shoe that traditional fitters often overlook due to so many areas to fit. Even if the almost 3,000 combinations off the rack don’t work, you can send tracings and pictures online and get a perfect custom fit, which is what I did, and it didn’t cost much more than paste option. It was certainly much, much less than finding the shoe doesn’t work and going back to square one with no refund!

    For the serious dancer or anyone living near NYC – it’s worth it to go there for the perfect fit if you can, too
    I have read too many reviews by people who claim Gaynors are “cheat shoes” – the one glaring thing lacking in all these reviews is zero personal experience with them. There is no shoe that suddenly turns you into a skilled dancer!! You roll through, same as always, demi pointe is perfect and it definitely does take ankle and foot strength to do it. Since so many of the best prima ballerinas and corphyrees all over the world are now swearing by them, I doubt they are “cheating”! Russia is taking them by storm, as is Italy, Cuba, many in ABT, etc.

    Rolling up is actually more work in GMs, since there is no truly “hard” shank relative to paste shoes. . The five shanks range from all but dead to newly broken in, being the hardest. They actually strengthen, not weaken, the feet and ankles. Almost every cardboard shoe offers a very hard and totally inflexible shank, which would be more of a “cheat” as I have found personally – very little articulation required on those… And you can feel the floor, in Gaynors since no extra padding is needed.

    Who wants to constantly hit the sweet spot of break in with pain, blisters, etc. prior to, only to have them die as soon as they feel right and repeat the expense and break in process constantly? Consistency is key, reducing the need to have multiple pairs in rotation. Many professionals, including Principal dancers who have tried a good fitting pair of GMs say it is such a relief to focus on DANCING and not the shoes. Some of the best dancers in the world are using them, including Evgenia Obraztsova, Principal Dancer with The Bolshoi, Gillian Murphy, Principal with ABT and many others.

    Bad fitting pointes are a main cause of injury and deformity – bunions, hammertoe, corns, calluses, blisters, degradation of toe joints and ankle injuries when they die during a performance. It is high time to move forward and take advantage of a pointe shoe technology that offers unparalleled comfort, performance, consistency, and a fortune saved. Dancing with joy, not pain and the expense and pain of pair after pair that are never perfect is just common sense. “Suffering” isn’t joy or a rite of passage, and isn’t necessary anymore. 21st Century dancers deserve the “leaps” in technology that is available to them. Comments should be from dancers who have actually used them, not just repeating what someone else said, also usually out of not experiencing them.

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