Why do I need to wear shoes or socks on a Trampoline?

Why do I need to wear shoes or socks on a Trampoline?

Trampolining is a fun, exciting sport which can be enjoyed by all different types of people of all abilities. When carrying out any physical exercise safety precautions have to be taken seriously and this especially applies when using a trampoline.

The professional mesh style trampolines have holes on the main jumping area and this can be extremely dangerous. Wearing the appropriate footwear can help prevent the toes getting caught and broken in the holes. Also trampoline socks and shoes provide a sturdy grip which will prevent the trampolinist slipping on their landing. Here at Dancemania we stock a wide range of trampoline shoes and trampoline socks, which are the best of quality for fantastic prices.

Safety on a trampoline

We have created a short informative video explaining in further detail the importance of wearing footwear when on a trampoline. We also have Jem Camble, our trampoline expert, who has given his opinions on ‘safety on a trampoline’ and ‘what you should be looking for in trampoline footwear’. Jem has been trampolining for over twenty years and has been competing for sixteen of those years, so he definitely knows his stuff! Up until recently all trampolinists including professionals just wore normal everyday socks. The invention of Trampoline shoes is a fairly new happening and Jem was the first man in the UK to start wearing them.

To hear what Jem has to say and more information on what trampoline shoes and socks Dancemania has to offer, take a look at the video below!

Buy your Trampoline Shoes and Trampoline Socks from Dancemania

Here are our recommendations:

Dancemania has their very own range of trampoline shoes out and they are the highest of quality at a fantastic price.  You cannot find a cheaper trampoline shoe! White cotton/Lycra material with cross over elastics for extra security.  They also have a soft sole for comfort and safety.

If the trampoline shoes are not for you then the new IWA trampoline socks might be just the item.  These Trampoline socks have a split silicon sole that provides cushioning, grip and impact protection for the toes, ball of the foot and the heel.
The silicon is integrated in to the weave of the sock and is clingy to the touch, which is ideal for grip. The sock has a compression cuff around the arch of the foot that helps keep the sock in the right place. The inside of the sock is a towel material so feet should remain dry.

Don’t forget, Dancemania stocks a full range of IWA and Milano trampoline shoes, and all are ideal for trampolining as they will help improve your trampoline performance and help protect your feet.

Top Tips for trampoline safety

Here are some tips about safety whilst on the Trampoline.


  1. Trampolining should always be done with an appropriate supervisor/coach present.
  2. To help stop people falling off either end of the trampoline, it should be fitted with end-decks.  These are metal frames with a crash mat secured on top.
  3. There MUST always be people spotting along the free sides for you whilst on the trampoline.  If this is not possible and you do not have end-decks, then trampoline enclosures may help.
  4. Always work to your level on a trampoline.  Slowly as you progress, you will be able to do more challenging.
  5. NEVER go under a trampoline when someone is bouncing, it can be extremely dangerous!
  6. Crash mats should be placed on the ground around the sides, incase someone is to fall off.
  7. Always wear appropriate footwear! Either trampoline socks and shoes.
  8. Jewellery must be removed before going on the trampoline.
  9. Strictly only one person on the trampoline at any one time.
  10. The area around the trampoline should be kept distraction free.
  11. Make sure there are no objects near the trampoline or above it.
  12. Always make sure the trampoline is set up properly.  The surface must be level and never on a slope.
  13. Always warm up before you go on the trampoline! If you don’t, this can cause serious injury!
  14. Never jump from the trampoline to ground or from a high object onto the trampoline.
  15. Small/young children should keep bouncing to a low level.

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6 thoughts on “Why do I need to wear shoes or socks on a Trampoline?

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  2. Andrew

    My own daughter has some special trampoline shoes! Most people I have told think it’s a bit over the top but now she is taking her trampolining seriously and spends what seems to be every waking hour on it, they protect her feet better than socks and give her better balance.

    Definitely recommended if you use a trampoline for more than just ‘play’!

  3. Jumpster

    Andrew mentioned above, trampoline shoes can be a very good idea.

    It can be very easy for children or adults to bend their toes back when bouncing up and down so shoes would prevent this. Reading this, I need to shoes to my guide itself so thanks for pointing them out.


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