Dancemania Principals Reward Scheme

Want to Earn Money for Just Being You?

At Dancemania we appreciate how much your students value and respect your opinions and recommendations. So, in return for you recommending Dancemania for all their dance and gymnastics needs you will earn money on every order placed by any of your students EVER

It couldn't be easier to start earning extra money from your existing students
  • Simply tell your students to shop at for all their dance and gymnastics needs as usual
  • Make sure that they enter your school/club name on the checkout page
  • Our website recognises your school or club name and calculates the commission
  • You Get Paid!
It's that simple

Your students get everything they need for dance and gymnastics at great prices whilst helping support their school or club no extra effort

What are you waiting for? Start referring your students and start earning today!

How Do I Start Earning?

Tell us you want to join and we will be in touch to activate your account - this is really simple and quick, we promise! Just remember this scheme is only open to the owner or principal of each school/club, if that's not you then please let them know about the scheme, we're sure they will thank you for it!

Next, you just need to tell your students to shop at Dancemania
  • If you already have a website just add a link to from your website.
  • If you use Facebook or email to communicate with your students just send them a link to
  • Or just tell them face to face to shop at
Just remind them to enter your school/club name at checkout and you will receive commission on every single sale.

Here is the html code you (or your web master) needs to add to these 5 lines to your webpage:
<a href="">
<img src="" width="250" height="83" 
alt="Buy from Dancemania" title="Buy from Dancemania" border="0" /></a>
<p>We recommend <a href=""></a> for all dancewear. <br/>Please enter our school number PP130000 at the checkout.</p><br/>

And this is what it will look like on your website: Buy from Dancemania

We recommend for all dancewear.
Please enter our school number PP130000 at the checkout.


What if Someone Forgets to Enter our School/Club Name?

No problem, just email us with the order number and the school/club name and we will make sure that the order is counted towards your earnings as long as the order date was in the past 14 days. To make sure that you never miss an order you could join our Never Miss a Sale List (see below).

How Can I Make Sure I Never Miss a Sale?

If you want to guarantee that you earn commission on every order that is placed by any of your students simply join our Never Miss a Sale List. All you need to do is provide us with a list of your students and we will automatically allocate any orders that they place to your commission account even if they forget to enter your school/club name meaning you will never miss any commission. We treat all data securely, we do not allow access to our data by any outside organisations and we will only use it for the purposes of matching your students’ orders to your account and for related communications. Get in touch for details

We Do not Have a Website

No problem! You could remind your students at the end of a lesson to shop at You could also put the web address on your noticeboard or add it to your printed uniform list or class timetable.
On Facebook? Why not post the details to your students?
Got email addresses? Why not join our Never Miss a Sale List too and we can email your students with the details for you?

How Much Do I Earn?

Commission rates vary from a minimum of 3% up to 30% depending on the product and how you choose to be paid. We will double your earnings if you choose to be paid in Dancemania Gift Vouchers. You can use your gift vouchers for your own purchases, as rewards to your students or for prizes in fundraising events.
For example
  • a class of only 15 ballet students could amount to over £400 in one year
  • a squad of 12 gymnasts just buying one basic leotard once a year could earn over £70
  • a Zumba class of 10 students each buying one pair of Dance Sneakers could typically pay you £40 – enough for your own pair of sneakers for free!
  • a bespoke school hoodie could earn you over £100 every year
It soon mounts up. And don’t forget you earn commission on every order they place term after term, year after year (as long as they remain your student) without you doing anything else
If you are interested in clothing with your school logo or you've always wanted your own design then get in touch and see how much you can earn from our bespoke service.

When Do I Get Paid?

Payment will be made to you every month or you can choose to save it up and be paid at specific times of year such as Christmas, your birthday, show time

How Do I Get Paid?

We will send you a cheque or if you want to double your earnings you can be rewarded with Gift Vouchers that you can use to shop at Dancemania

How Do I Earn More?*

From time to time we will let you know about Extra Reward Items. These are specific products where a bonus commission rate is payable for a certain period. For example, we might offer 10% commission on legwarmers during February. So any sales of legwarmers to your students during February will earn you 10% cash or 20% in vouchers

I Already Sell Directly to my Students

Have you ever thought about how much of your time and effort it takes to sort out orders for your students?

Think of all the hassle it causes you
  • making sure you get everyone's correct measurements to order the correct sizes
  • waiting to receive the delivery
  • handing out the items to students taking up valuable teaching time
  • chasing payments from the students
  • paying VAT on sales
  • handling any returns
With the Dancemania Reward Scheme we deal with your students direct and you have no hassle but still earn money for doing nothing except telling your students to shop at Dancemania. Then you can use all that time you've saved to put your feet up or more likely do something energetic but equally fun!

And that’s not all! We will double your earnings if you choose to be rewarded with Dancemania Gift Vouchers.

So start referring and start earning now!

Any other questions?

Anything else you want to know just ask us!

Ready to start earning click here and let us know

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