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Teachers Making Money for Nothing

We’d do anything to help our customers so as soon as we found out that lots of dance schools and gym clubs were struggling in these hard economic times, we knew we had to do something.

The Dancemania Reward Scheme is designed to generate income for dance schools, gym clubs and any performance based business with absolutely no extra effort from the business owner/principal teacher. We know you’re busy so we’ve made this easy-peasy!

The response from teachers has been better than we could have imagined: not only are they enjoying an increase in their income (some are making hundreds of pounds each month), they’re finding that they are spending less time worrying about balancing their budget and spending more time on being fabulous at teaching their students.

Want to start earning now? Follow this link for full details or contact us now to let us know you want to join.

Not convinced? Hear what other dance teachers and gym coaches had to say about the Dancemania Reward Scheme.

Dance teacher, Annie’s story is typical:
"Each term I have been losing students or seeing them drop from multiple lessons a week down to just one as their parents are finding it tougher financially - at the same time my overheads were increasing with my premises and staff costs going up. I knew I couldn't increase my lesson prices as I could lose more students. I was racking my brains for some way to increase my income and the Dancemania Reward Scheme was perfect. My students love getting quality dancewear delivered to their home at the best prices and I get to earn commission on every sale without having to lift a finger! The extra income has not only made up for the loss in students fees I also earn enough to get all my own dancewear for free! I cannot thank you enough. "

Jessie was bowled over by how quickly she was earning money:
"Wow! Just received my first commission payment of £124.90 from just one class buying what they needed for one exam! Can't believe how quickly it builds up."

Andy couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up:
"I admit I was dubious that it could be this easy but I had the link (to Dancemania) on our website in minutes, I posted on Facebook to all our followers and that was all I needed to do to get going. I just emailed our printer to tell him to add the (Dancemania) details to our uniform list and class timetable which is reprinted every term anyway. Really easy-peasy!"

It is not just the teachers who are delighted as Jo tells us:
"I've had such great feedback from parents who are over the moon that they can get all of their kids kit online cheaper than they were paying before whilst raising money for the club. Everyone at Dancemania is so helpful and cannot do enough for us"

More Info

More details about the Dancemania Reward Scheme can be found here. If you have any further questions or want to join now just contact us and we will help you every step of the way.
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