Dancemania Reward Terms and Conditions

To be accepted for the Dancemania Principal's Reward Scheme you must agree to the following terms and conditions
  1. You must have applied and been accepted for the Dancemania Teacher's Discount to be eligible for the Dancemania Reward Scheme
  2. You must be the owner or principal teacher/coach for the organisation your represent
  3. Only one individual per organisation may be registered as the principal – if you have more than one location run by different individuals then please contact us
  4. To create a “Never Miss a Sale” list you are stating that you have obtained permission from your students to pass on their details and are authorised to do so in line with all current legislation
  5. Your personal details are safe with us. We do not pass on any information (yours or your students) to any other business – they are used solely for processing orders and communicating relevant offers and information
  6. Commission rates may vary and items may be withdrawn from the commission scheme without notice. Commission is not payable on sales of Gift Vouchers
  7. You may not direct (using any method whatsoever) individuals who are not your students or directly involved with your organisation to enter your school/club name into their orders to falsely earn commission. Such action may result in your removal from the scheme and the forfeit of any earnings
  8. Cheques will be made payable to the trading name for your school/club (we may require further information before paying to a different name)
  9. Commission is calculated on every eligible item in an order where the customer has entered your school/club name or where their name appears on your “Never Miss a Sale” list. If any item is returned then the commission will not be paid.
  10. Commission is calculated monthly on all items where the return period has expired (normally 21 days from delivery date but please note our extended return period at Christmas)
  11. Terms may be varied without notice
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