Demi-Pointe Shoes

Demi-pointe, soft blocks, soft pointes and exam shoes - They have many names but they are an important step when transitioning from Ballet flats to Pointe shoes.

Demi-pointe shoes are similar in construction to a pointe shoe. A pointe shoe traditionally has 6 layers of material in the toe area and demi-pointes have only 4. In a pointe shoe the sole is very thick as it has to support the instep and arch of the foot while en pointe. In a demi-pointe shoe, the sole is thicker than a flat ballet shoe but not as thick as a pointe shoe. 

Why wear them before pointe shoes? 

  • They cultivate and fine tune the balance required for pointe work
  • Improve the ability to maintain turnout and reduce the risk of rolling
  • Strengthen the muscles around the foot and ankles in preparation for pointe shoes
  • Get the foot used to working in a confined space

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