Modern Melodies - Ballet Music CD
Modern Melodies - Ballet Music CD

Modern Melodies - Ballet Music CD

A CD holding 43 tracks of music that have become part of modern life.

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A CD holding 43 tracks of music that have become part of modern life. David Plumpton plays tunes from all aspects of modern life, from cartoon TV series (The Flintstones) to TV adverts (A finger of Fudge) to movie blockbusters (The pirates of the Caribbean) to Disco and party favourites (Y.M.C.A).

A fabulous, well thoughtout compilation of entertaining tracks arranged to fit perfectly the exercises in ballet class allowing the teacher to concentrate on class instead of fiddling with the music.

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Track Exercise Title Tempo
1 Warm Up Theme from Cheers 4/4 (8x8)
2 Plies 1 Theme from Titanic 3/4 (8x8)
3 Plies 2 Earth Song 4/4 (8x8)
4 Slow Tendus Complainte des Mysteres de Paris 3/4 (8x8)
5 Tendus 2 The Lion Sleeps Tonight 4/4 (8x8)
6 Tendus 3 I Will Survive 4/4 (8x8)
7 Glisses Theme from The Muppet Show 2/4 (8x8)
8 Ronds de Jambe a Terre Can You Feel The Love Tonight 3/4 (8x8)
9 Ronds de Jambe a Terre There You’ll Be 4/4 (8x8)+(2x8)
10 Fondus Run 4/4 (8x8)
11 Battlement Frappes Don’t Stop Believin’ 4/4 (8x8)+(2x8)
12 Petits Battlements Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini 2/4 (4x8)+(1x8)
13 Ronds de Jambe en L’air Theme from ‘Allo ‘Allo! 3/4 (8x8
14 Developpes Theme from The Piano 6/4 (8x8)
15 Adagio Theme from Rudy 3/4 (4x8)
16 Grands Battlements Theme from Sex and the City 4/4 (8x8)
17 Grands Battlements en Cloche Toot Sweets 3/4 (8x8)
18 Stretch 1 The Rose 3/4 (12x8)
19 Stretch 2 From a Distance 4/4 (10x8)

Track Exercise Title Tempo
20 Ports de Bras 1 You Raise Me Up 3/4 (8x8)
21 Port de Bras 2 Comptine d’un Autre Ete l’Apres-Midi 4/4 (8x8)
22 Battlements Tendus Y.M.C.A 4/4 (8x8)
23 Grands Battlements Polonaise – Theme from Dynasty 3/4 (4x8)
24 Temps Lie/Battlement Fondus Hedwigs Theme 3/4 (8x8)
25 Adage When You Believe 3/4 (8x8)
26 Adage The Wind Beneath My Wings 4/4 (8x8)
27 Pirouettes The Phantom of The Opera Medley 3/4 (16x8)
28 Pirouettes Runaway 3/4 (16x8)
29 Pirouettes Stella del Mattino 3/4 (12x8)
30 Pirouettes ABBA Medley 4/4 (32x8)
31 Pose Turns Tops of the World 2/4 (8x8)
32 Warm Up Jump The Lonely Goatherd 2/4 (8x8)
33 Warm Up Jump Disney Medley 2/4 (8x8)
34 Petit Allegro A Finger of Fudge 6/8 (16x8)
35 Petit Allegro Theme from Happy Days 4/4 (8x8)
36 Petit Allegro Mambo No.5 4/4 (8x8)
37 Medium Allergo The Locomotion 4/4 (8x8)
38 Medium Allergo La Bamba 4/4 (8x8)
39 Medium Allergo Theme From Strictly Come Dancing 4/4 (8x8)
40 Grand Allergo Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean 4/4 (8x8)
41 Grand Allergo We All Stand Together 3/4 (16x8)
42 Coda Theme from The Flintstones 2/4 (8x8)
43 Ports de Bras/Reverence Fields of Gold 4/4 (8x8)+(2x8)
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Sue Mills (RAD RTS Teaching Diploma)
These CDs are an excellent resource to complement your syllabus music for ballet,
particularly for free work and adult classes.

Modern Melodies: A selection of lighthearted familiar tunes. Great fun!

West End To Broadway: A must for musical Theatre lovers. Inspirational!

New Classics: Moving melodies for the traditionalist.

I found myself just wanting to listen to the music when planning my classes and that rarely happens! And I can’t wait to get through all the whole collection in class. The ones that we have used so far have been inspirational and it is wonderful to see students refreshed by new music!

Unlike many stock music collections I found these to be beautifully arranged and played with introductions, essential for barre and centre practice work. I also found the accompanying information with each piece to be of real value. Giving you suggestions for exercises and the duration of the piece. Some good lengthy arrangements are included which enables the dancer to strengthen their stamina or for the teacher to arrange more complex combinations.

I would recommend them to any teacher working with a wide range of pupils and types of classes – a valuable musical resource.
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