New Classics - Ballet Music CD
New Classics - Ballet Music CD

New Classics - Ballet Music CD

A big selection of melodies from Bizet to Copland combined with a few original compositions create this very enjoyable collection of music arranged for Ballet class.

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“New Classics” is an inspirational combination of melodies for ballet class. This is the third in a series of CDs by David Plumpton and it is a straightforward recording with a very clear sound. It does not contain repeated tracks or multiple tracks for one exercise. A big selection of melodies from Bizet to Copland combined with a few original compositions create this very enjoyable collection of music. This CD is perfect for a class of younger dancers where the teacher needs to spend little time fooling with the music. Each selection is perfect for the exercise and every track is in the proper order for a complete ballet class

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Track Exercise Title Tempo
1 Warm Up Habenera from Carmen 2/4 (8x8)
2 Plies Maude from A Simple Man 3/4 (16x8)
3 Battlement Tendus 1 La Sylphide - Lovenskjold 2/4 (8x8)
4 Battlement Tendus 2 Bouncing Feet – Plumpton 2/4 (8x8)
5 Glisses Jig olo – Plumpton 6/8 (8x8)
6 Ronds de Jambe a Terre The Flower Duet from Lakme – Delibes 6/8 (8x8)
7 Fondus Nessun Dorma from Turandot - Puccini 4/4 (8x8)
8 Battlement Frappes The Fanny Ellsler Pas-de-deux – Herold 2/4 (8x8) + (2x8)
9 Ronds de Jambe en L’air Waltz Song from Romeo & Juliet – Gounod 3/4 (8x8)
10 Developpes Gymnopedie No.1 – Satie 3/4 (4x8)
11 Adagio Romance (Gadfly) - Shostakovich 6/8 (8x8)
12 Grands Battlements Battlement Rouge – Plumpton 4/4 (8x8)
13 Grands Battlements en Clouche Passion Waltz from Eugene Onegin 3/4 (8x8)
14 Stretch Pas-de-deux from Alice in Wonderland – Horovitz 4/4 (8x8)

Track Exercise Title Tempo
15 Tendus Combination Sassy Rag – Plumpton 4/4 (8x8)
16 Ports de Bras Love Theme from Spartacus - Khachaturian 3/4 (8x8)
17 Fondus / Adage Variation 1V from La Bayadere - Minkus 6/8 (8x8)
18 Adage Cynthia – Plumpton 4/4 (8x8)
19 Pirouette 1 Waltz from Sylvia - Delibes 3/4 (16x8)
20 Pirouette 2 Fantasy Waltz – Plumpton 3/4 (16x8)
21 Grand Pirouette The Thieving Magpie - Rossini 4/4 (4x8)
22 Warm up Jump 1 Caprice No.24 - Pagannini 2/4 (8x8)
23 Warm up Jump 1 Raggedy Doll - Plumpton 2/4 (8x8)
24 Petit Allegro 1 Celebration from Billy the Kid – Copland 2/4 (8x8)
25 Petit Allegro 2 Hoe-Down from Rodeo - Copland 2/4 (8x8)
26 Petit Allegro 3 Calliope Rag – Elite Syncopations - Scott 4/4 (16x8)
27 Petit Batterie Tico Tico – Abreu 2/4 (8x8)
28 Medium Allegro 1 Male Variation from Flower Festival at Genzano – Helsted/Paulli 6/8 (8x8)
29 Medium Allegro 2 Jeremy Goes Fishing from Tales of Beatrix Potter – Lanchberry 2/4 (16x8)
30 Medium Allegro 3 Swish it – Plumpton 6/8 (8x8)
31 Grand Allegro 1 Spanische Tanze – Moszkowski 3/8 (16x8)
32 Grand Allegro 1 The Variation of Acteon – Esmerelda – Pugni 3/4 (16x8)
33 Coda La Fille Mal Gardee – Herold 2/4 (8x8)
34 Reverence Heartstrings – Plumpton 3/4 (2x8)
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Mrs. Berenice Cowan
Mar 30, 2013
This customer bought the item.
Lovely CD. We dance to it in my ballet class and it is so inspiring to dance to.
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Sue Mills (RAD RTS Teaching Diploma)
These CDs are an excellent resource to complement your syllabus music for ballet,
particularly for free work and adult classes.

Modern Melodies: A selection of lighthearted familiar tunes. Great fun!

West End To Broadway: A must for musical Theatre lovers. Inspirational!

New Classics: Moving melodies for the traditionalist.

I found myself just wanting to listen to the music when planning my classes and that rarely happens! And I can’t wait to get through all the whole collection in class. The ones that we have used so far have been inspirational and it is wonderful to see students refreshed by new music!

Unlike many stock music collections I found these to be beautifully arranged and played with introductions, essential for barre and centre practice work. I also found the accompanying information with each piece to be of real value. Giving you suggestions for exercises and the duration of the piece. Some good lengthy arrangements are included which enables the dancer to strengthen their stamina or for the teacher to arrange more complex combinations.

I would recommend them to any teacher working with a wide range of pupils and types of classes – a valuable musical resource.
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