Toesox Dancemania are proud to be an authorised retailer for the popular Toesox collection specialising in socks for dance and fitness.

Why five toes? There’s nothing more beautiful than natural movements that make us stronger. Legs that leap, arms that swing, backs that bend. So why not toes that wiggle and spread? It’s the way nature designed them to move. A five toe sock design helps spread your five toes - reinforcing what yogis have known for years - that spreading your toes creates a broader foundation on which to balance.

To this day, our intention is to create and innovate products that enhance and support natural movement regardless of the activity. Whether holding plank a little longer, staying grounded in Relevé, settling deeper into Warrior II, or running for miles blister free, we’ve got you covered.

Spreading your toes is the best thing you can do for your feet so you can:
  • Activate and strengthen foot muscles
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Improve posture, agility and balance
  • Gain proper bone alignment
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